How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

How to Monetize Your Youtube ChannelIf you have a YouTube channel, it’s likely because there’s something that you’re passionate about and that you enjoy sharing with others.

Maintaining a healthy channel takes a lot of effort and thought, and thus, it’s surely an important component of your life.

One of the best possible outcomes for the enthusiastic entrepreneur is to be able to experience financial gain at the hands of their passion.

YouTube provides the potential for that to happen.

Whether you’re hoping to utilize ads on your videos or you have a product you’re hoping to promote, a recent study estimates that by 2019 80 percent of the internet traffic will be video, so youTube is an excellent place to be.

Produce Quality Content

The non-negotiable first step of making YouTube videos that will bring extra funds into your pocket, is to make quality videos that will capture the attention of those who are in your target audience.

Does it look right? You want viewing your videos to be aesthetically pleasing to your subscribers. Utilizing an 8 megapixel phone camera or higher will ensure that your viewers are not grimacing through a grainy, disjointed view. Similarly, it’s important to ensure that the location you choose has plenty of natural light, and appropriate aesthetics.

Is each moment beneficial? In virtually every case, the YouTubers who succeed edit all of their videos in their entirety. Typically, you’ll only want clips within the video that last a maximum of ten seconds. If there are any moments of video that prohibit the ease of viewing, crop them out. If the video needs to be edited for better lighting or sound quality, do so.

Is the speaker clear and lively? If those watching cannot hear what is being said in the video, the video’s content is null. It should be easy for them to hear. That clarity must be balanced with someone who is communicating in an engaging and comfortable manner that keeps your viewers interested.

Remember to be Customer-Oriented

If your aim is to monetize your channel, then you have to operate like any other business owner and you have to recognize that your followers/viewers are also customers. Customers only benefit your business when they are satisfied.

Doing that on a platform like YouTube, where you aren’t seeing your customers face-to-face, is not easy. You have to be willing to go the extra-mile so that your followers can see that investing time on your channel is a worthwhile decision.

To influence customers, you have to know them and connect with them.

The customer-savvy YouTuber will shift their presence online to adapt to what their customers’ expectations and preferences are. If customers believe that you share their lifestyle views and that you see them as individuals, they’ll come back. So if they’re making suggestions and comments, respond, and work to take them into consideration.

YouTube Monetization

When a YouTube channel hits 10,000 collective views, the channel owner has the ability to apply for YouTube’s monetization. You can select monetization in the channel settings tab, and then follow the steps to accept the agreement.

You can apply for monetization before you hit 10,000 views, and YouTube will review it when you hit the necessary number of views.

A green money symbol will appear next to the videos that are immediately eligible. After completing YouTube’s steps for monetization, you’ll need to set up a free AdSense account and then associate it with your channel.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular among freelancers and those hoping to generate extra income. Here’s the thing with affiliate marketing though, while the process is simple (you promote a product, and receive compensation when your promotion results in the item being purchased), it’s often done in a way that is dry and completely uninteresting.

People won’t buy if they’re bored.

With that being said, a lively YouTube channel that consistently uses a fresh, educational tone to share products is the perfect platform.

Your followers likely trust your judgement, especially within a niche you’ve established yourself in. Therefore, promoting products you’re genuinely a fan of can generate even more trust between you and your viewers, and by extension it will allow you make more via affiliate marketing.

YouTube as Part of a Conversion Funnel

YouTube is the second largest search engine, in a single month, 3 billion searches happen on YouTube. If you have a product or service you’re selling, you can utilize YouTube to create a conversion funnel to boost traffic and sales.

If you have not already created an ecommerce platform, one such as Shopify will allow you to utilize the internet as you’ve never done before.

A well-made video that supports your product’s niche, and finishes with a tactful call to action that pushes traffic to product landing pages is sure to boost results.

Influencer Video Marketing

To build visibility and credibility for your brand, influencer marketing is virtually second to none. It allows all parties to reach far more people via cross-promotion and viewing, and it grants a fresh sense of authority to what your end goal for your YouTube channel is.

To pull this off successfully, there are some things to keep in mind:

The most valuable influencer is the one that has the time to promote your product or message, and that comes with a built-in audience within the same field. Plus, they will be far-more likely to participate if they’re already familiar with your work.

Choose someone comfortable in front of the camera: Even if they’re a big name, if they can’t make it work in front of the camera, they won’t make it work in any way. Even if their skills in other areas are off-the-charts, try to stick with those who already have a successful track record online.

Additionally, when it’s time to approach the influencer of your choice have a solid idea for the video already prepared, ask for a small time commitment, and don’t be disingenuous. Work to be original, concise, and light-hearted.

Transition to Live Speaking Engagements

When you’ve gained a following, especially if you’ve done so within a specific niche, consider using the fan base that YouTube has given you to maximize your money-making potential. Look for events and conferences within your niche where you can capitalize on your following.

Utilize your YouTube statistics, compile some of your best clips, and send them in. Speaking engagements not only typically pay, they also can be leveraged to bring new followers to your channel.

YouTube = Serious Potential

If you’re looking to become rich and famous, you may want to take an extra minute to think about your expectations. Sure, the Felix Kjellbergs of the YouTube world exist, but they’re also the minority. However, it can certainly provide an extra-income, and even better, an income talking about something you’re passionate about.

And while we can’t all earn millions of dollars like Kjellberg, there is the potential to have a serious presence that makes a difference in both your life and the lives of others. The great thing about a site like YouTube is that the potential is always, always there. Even the most successful YouTubers started with 0 views, and then developed and cultivated their channel through hard work. You can too!

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