How Technology Has Impacted The Way We Experience Music

technology and musicTechnology has had a remarkable effect on modern music. As our society continues to expand technologically, the music industry continues to expand as well.

Technological advances have not only impacted the type of music artists create, but has also affected how listeners consume music and learn to play instruments.

The experience of music is now so closely intertwined with modern technology that many of the ways we currently enjoy music wouldn’t exist without the use of technology.

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Here are some of the most significant ways technology has impacted music, and how you can take advantage of them.

Technological Impacts to Music Creation

Effect Pedals

The development of effect pedals has resulted in countless sound effect opportunities for musicians of all different genres. As pedals continue to develop, musicians have become closer to being able to create almost any sound effect they could hope for.

Effect pedals allow musicians to experiment with time-based effects through reverb and delay pedals. Timing effects will allow you to create echo for a more resonant, textured sound.

If you’re hoping to experiment with altering your pitch or phasing quality, then modulation pedals will be a good choice. Chorus pedals are an excellent type of modulation pedal that will slightly alter both the timing and pitch of your sound to mimic the sound of a human chorus.

Guitarists can also experiment with combining these different effects in a pedal chain, which involves hooking the pedals up to each other to produce a complex sound.

Looper Apps

While there are looper effect pedals, musicians on a budget should consider downloading a loop pedal app. These apps are an excellent way to experiment with creating textured sounds in an affordable way.

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If you want to stack harmonies or practice your improvisation skills without buying a pedal, try downloading a looper app instead. These apps record audio and then repeat it back in a continuous loop.

Ed Sheeran is known for his use of loops, so if you’re interested in creating a similar sound, be sure to research different apps to find what works best for you.

Technological Impacts to Music Consumption

Music Libraries

One of the most significant changes in how we make and consume music has been through various online music libraries, such as iTunes.

A few decades ago, musicians relied on album and record purchases in order to disseminate their music and make a profit.

In today’s society, it’s much more common to purchase music and add it to an online library, such as iTunes. This will allow you to store your music in one convenient place and will prevent you from damaging CDs, records, or tapes.

apple music streaming has changed music

Streaming music services have changed the economics of creating and listening to music.

Music Streaming Sites

More recently, streaming music has become the most popular form of music consumption.

In response to this shift in popularity, Apple has now created “Apple Music”, a streaming platform that will allow you to listen to every song in their online library. Apple Music and iTunes are designed to work well together. When you have an Apple Music subscription, you’ll be able to download songs from the Apple Music library and store them in your iTunes library.

Some of the other most popular streaming sites are Spotify, Pandora Soundcloud, and, more recently, Audiomack.

If you want to disseminate your own music in the most technologically up-to-date way possible, be sure to create accounts on all of these popular platforms.

Learning Music

Video chat technology has also significantly impacted the way students learn how to sing or play instruments. Through this type of technology, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some of the top instructors of your instrument, regardless of where they are in the world.

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While many students and teachers still prefer teaching in-person, video chat lessons take away the commute time needed to travel to a lesson, which will save the student a significant amount of money in the long-run.

Additionally, these types of lessons are usually more affordable than in-person lessons. Technology has also removed the necessity of hiring a teacher in general.

For example, students who feel confident that they don’t need much in-person guidance can watch tutorials on YouTube that demonstrate how to play various chords, riffs, and scales.

Of course, a professional instructor will prevent you from developing poor technique, so be sure to hire one if you want to play an instrument at an advanced level.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you found this list of the most significant ways technology has impacted music useful.

Whether you’re learning, creating, or simply listening to it, technology will make your musical experiences richer and more accessible. Remember to take advantage of popular streaming platforms if you’re an artist, and you’ll be sure to see an increase in the size of your fan base in no time.

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