How and Why You Should Promote Your Music On Social Media

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Many people have god-gifted singing ability, but they never find the right platform to showcase it. Fortunately, social media has paved the way for the newbie singers to showcase their talent to the world.

Nowadays, you hear about new pop stars emerging from social media (hello Shawn Mendes!). And considering the promotional vehicle Mendes used, Vine, no longer exists, social media is a changing world that needs constant focus and attention.

Before you get overwhelmed with all that social has to offer, let us highlight for you where you should focus your efforts and streamline the process of getting your music in front of the music industries most powerful ears.

Embrace Live Technology

Technology has enabled singers to hold live concerts via social media platforms. Nowadays, every popular singer is leveraging the power of live video streaming to entertain their fans and promote themselves.

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Going live on social media allows for the perfect combination of performance and engagement.

Spend more time mastering the art of Facebook live to effectively interact with the global audience. Once you manage to have some audience in your pocket, they’ll become your promotional arm of your music business — if you are any good.

Distribute FREE Prizes

People love the free stuff.

Being a potential pop star, you can tap into the temptation of your audience and get their attention. Giving away the free stuff is one way you can hook the attention of your growing crew of merry fans.

Freebies provide strong reasons for your audience to follow your music on social media. This is why many popular brands are also distributing prizes over their social media pages. For instance, you can allow your first hundred followers to get your signature t-shirt, cup or DVD.

They’ll be collectors items when/if you make it big! (Like my Milli Vanilli signed concert t-shirt – (Google it if you are under 30))

Upload Daily

Recent statistics reveal that celebrities who regularly share new posts tend to have a bigger fan following. In other words, anyone could easily double their number of fans by sharing something interesting on a daily basis.

Consistency and visibility are incredibly important when you are trying to build a brand.

In addition, there are multiple social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter, and Instagram where you can easily showcase the different facets of your music talent, and life in general.

Start posting daily so that your followers do not forget you for a single day.

You must continue to make your posts thoughtful though, don’t just check things off your to do list, make them matter. You’re a creative type… so show it!

Make It Personal

Fans have a keen interest in the inner world of their favorite celebrities. Your followers would love to explore your personal life behind music, therefore, add some personal elements to build a better relation with them.

Break down the wall between you and your fans. They may view you as someone in the screen, you need them to see that you are a normal every day human, like them, who goes to Starbucks and walks their dog.

social media and music promotion

Share as much as you can about your performances, and you, on social media. That is what the people want to see.

Keep in mind to stay in the realm of good taste, otherwise, you might face controversies that can negativity affect your numbers of fans. Stay away from politics, religion, what you ate for lunch and the thoughtless diatribes of a wandering mind.

Create A Catchy Profile

In order to hook the attention of the audience, it’s crucial to have an catchy profile. There are many singers and bands that engage with their audience over socializing forums to get maximum promotion. you don’t want to blend in!

Similarly if you want to gain instant popularity, you will need to create a profile that will hook the attention of your target audience on social media.

Use your profile picture, header, background as well as about page in the best way possible to make the most of this opportunity.

Engage Your Audience

One of the best ways to drive more followers is to engage the audience via interesting techniques. Like you can start a question and answer section to allow your audience to interact with you directly.

Additionally, you can also ask suggestions via public poll to figure out what your followers are expecting from you in a true way.

Make sure to ask suggestions that are related to your fan page to entertain them in the right manner.

Give Feedback

Don’t just count the likes and comments of your followers instead provide them feedback to bring them closer. Fan pages that reply to their fans are much more likely to increase their fan following rapidly than those who don’t.

Celebrities are busy people, they can’t reply to everyone comments, which gives you, the budding celebrity and opportunity to stand out for your fan engagement techniques. Put in the extra effort before you make it big!

Link Profile to Your Website

Everything you do needs to be interconnected. Link your website to your social accounts. Want to post something a video of your performance on social media? Make sure you post it on your website too.

You want your personal website to become the hub of all information about you, your upcoming shows, your merchandise and other events you’re involved in. Social media is just a mechanism to get people to your website so you can capitalize on their attention.


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