Five Necessary Qualities for Working in Entertainment

working in entertainment

Working in entertainment requires many qualities, including patience and perseverance – success won’t come overnight

Working in entertainment, whether as a television actor, a musician, or radio personality requires a certain set of skills and qualities.

Talent is often not enough.

The entertainment industry is crowded, fickle, and can seem impossible to break into. Not everyone is able to break through; that is just a fact.

Many people dream of supporting themselves solely through their artistic or entertainment passion, but that dream isn’t always reality. “Making it” for many just means being able to pay the bills and buy groceries.

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While the industry is not for everyone, there are very specific qualities that are necessary for success. By cultivating them, the entertainment industry might be where you find your home.

Here are the five most important qualities:

• Patience
• Flexibility
• Professionalism
• Perseverance
• Talent

Let’s dig into each a little deeper, shall we?


Patience really should be at the top of anyone’s list of important qualities for working in the entertainment industry. Patience is paramount.

People looking to work in the industry with a head full of dreams and adrenaline, often times forget it can take years of auditions, and low-work periods before they have a steady and substantial work.

Sometimes it will take weeks before you hear back about, say, an audition. Getting worked up and anxious about results or getting that next audition during your downtime can cause depression – something those who work in creative fields already suffer from enough.


Being flexible is vital to achieving success in the entertainment industry. This is a multifaceted quality. The entertainment industry is fickle, jobs can pop up, change, and disappear in an instant.

You might get a call at 5am that your audition has been bumped up three hours and is now on the other side of town. You need to have a flexible schedule and attitude to deal with this.

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This is why finding good work, that fits with the demands of a striving entertainer to keep you fed until your career takes off is vital. Many actors and entertainers find jobs like event planning are the perfect work for them.

An event planner job description includes anything from coordinating events, booking musicians, arranging the décor and basically making sure that the event is a success.

Event planning can help striving entertainers build a powerful network, and it allows for a broadly flexible schedule, something that is necessary for an entertainer.


This is an often overlooked aspect of succeeding as an entertainer.

work in entertainment professionalism

To thrive in the entertainment industry takes professionalism and attention to details

Maintaining a highly professional attitude towards your craft and your job search will really set you apart from the competition. Hiring managers make choices about prospective employees in mere seconds according to the quality and professional appearance of their resumes. This is why it is crucial to build a resume that speaks about your background and expertise in a clear-cut manner.

Crafting a professional appearance and attitude towards the desired job work will greatly help you succeed in the entertainment industry.

Being professional will look different depending on the the type of job you are aiming for. What a “professional” actor looks like will be different from what a “professional” sound engineer looks like.

That being said, carrying oneself with a professional attitude and treating the people who will hire you with respect will go a long way.

It can be hard.

The life of an entertainer is frenetic and requires a lot of flexibility, but that is no excuse to not act with all the professionalism your art requires. It goes a very long way.


Working in entertainment requires tremendous amounts of perseverance.

Regardless of the industry, entertainment is taxing and anyone looking to work in this industry should expect a tremendous amount of uphill climbing.

Rejections abound for any job in this crowded and tightly closed off business. Being artistically inclined is not enough. You need to believe in the value of the work you are doing, and believe so fervently in your self-worth that you can persevere through the inevitability of rejection.

Being an entertainer is difficult. There are few people who can make it through the years of hard, often fruitless work.

Being dedicated to your craft, and having a willingness for – frankly – pain is necessary. This perseverance is what allows success stories to be built. It is one of the most important qualities an entertainment professional can possess.


working in entertainment talent

At the end of the day, talent always wins out

Last, but certainly not least, you need talent. Talent is an imperative skill in whatever industry you are attempting to break into.

It can be easy to slack, to succumb to the routine of auditioning, or sending out resumes over and over again with little deviation. Nevertheless, talent is something that needs to be cultivated. This means practicing your craft.

Whether it is volunteering at theater productions as an actor or performing at coffee shops and open mics, it is crucial to continue to build your talent. When that break finally comes, you need to be ready.

You need to be able to perform at your best.


In order to be successful at working in entertainment you need patience, flexibility, professionalism, perseverance, and talent. Combining and nurturing these qualities will foster a successful attitude and help propel you forward into the entertainment industry.



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