Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host

Becoming a radio host is a highly desired and competitive job, so how do you gain the experience you need to make it? Listen to this short video for a few insider tips on the skills you need to develop to be a radio host.

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Video Transcript for “Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content:

We have a really smart audience at – we post all these blog articles and we get a lot of comments from our audience. What I find is when I read the comments a lot of times I’m learning things from other industry insiders that are contributing their best ideas and concepts publicly.

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Becoming a radio host requires a very specific skill set, but you can learn it!

It happened recently when I posted a video on the future of broadcast radio – one person responded in the comments section mentioning they are an actress who wants to be in radio and become a radio host – and wanted to know what they do to take their career to the next level?

Someone who is actually a hiring manager in the radio industry responded back and said – hey being an actress is great but those skills don’t necessarily translate to becoming a radio host – what we find is actors and actresses expect a script to be written for them that they can present, but as a radio host you need to be able to write your own material and present it.

My takeaway, if you want to work as a radio host you should really work on your writing skills. Pretty simple.

She also commented that comedians can be very good as radio hosts because they are used to writing and presenting their own material with personality – but they are somewhat limited because their performances usually only last 8-10 minutes while radio shows are much much longer. That is where they find comedians struggle in the transition to being a radio host.

Her biggest piece of advice was that someone who wants to work in radio especially as a radio host – has to get really good at Google search, meaning, you have to be able to discover what is out there, what is popular, what stories need to be told and then be able to write them and present them.

It’s really a three-fold sector of the radio industry, radio hosts have to be able to find and discover interesting content, write it and present it for an audience. So if you want to be a radio host those are the skills you need to work on directly from a member of our audience who works in the radio and hires radio hosts.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

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