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Your dream job isn’t going to smack you in the face right out of college, plan to start small and build

In general everyday life, we all talk about the difference between “wants” and “needs” – a second iPad may be a want, while food on the table is clearly a need.

The same applies in the business world.

As a manager there are positions you want to have on staff, those that make life easier or workflow more efficient, and there are roles that are needs, those that the business can’t function without, or their void will impede revenue generation.

We live in a revenue-driven world. Acknowledge this fact and your career path will become clearer no matter what industry sector you are interested in pursuing.

Careers in sales, whether it is in radio, TV or music, are revenue generating positions and therefore a need at all organizations. Give yourself the skill set to thrive in this role and you will be giving yourself the gift of consistent employment.

But sales careers aren’t the only revenue generating entertainment career path. Jobs in marketing and promotions contribute to the bottom line, even if the line isn’t straight.

For example, if you work in sales and you make a sale, it’s a straight line to the company coffer. Jobs in marketing and promotions aren’t that direct, but they are an essential piece of brand visibility and without visibility there are no sales and there is no revenue.

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Ask any manager about hiring a new employee and they’ll tell you it’s much easier to get approval to hire someone that directly contributes to the bottom line. That is what we want you to focus on as you consider your entry-level career path, look for skillsets that prepare you for revenue-generating jobs.

One such entry level entertainment job, is working as a Promotions Assistant.

Understanding the Role: Promotions Assistant

This particular entertainment job is about exposure. Exposure, for the brand you work for, whether it is a TV station, radio network, newspaper or website and sometimes exposure for yourself, since you could be front and center representing your brand.

Here is a current job description for a Promotions Assistant at a radio station. From this you visualize the role pretty clearly – you need personality, some basic technical audio skills and…more personality:

promotions assistant entertainment jobs

On the low end, your role as a Promotions Assistant may require handing out marketing materials at a local grocery store grand opening while music from your radio station blares in the background and the sun sets behind your artfully labelled station minivan.

Or maybe you are a ‘Street Teamer’, a cool name, but a role that requires very little of the intellect you developed while spending your parents hard earned money for four years of college.

Do these sound like fun careers? Jeez I hope not.

These are not roles you want to settle into, they are a proving ground to show your superiors you are destined for more than handing out whistles to passersby on their way to get a dozen eggs or an oil change.

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Turning This Opportunity Into Something Bigger

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Getting a job in sales or promotions is a great way to start building a successful career

Being a Street Teamer or radio promotions assistant is a very, very entry-level role and you are hopefully qualified for much more. Your superiors don’t know your true capabilities though so it’s in your hands to find ways of showing your bigger picture skills – without being annoying.

The last point is essential, if you are always pestering your employer with the big ideas in your head you could go from energetic to aggravating very quickly. Be selective with your ideas, make sure they are your best and are well-thought out. Suggesting you get a different brand of T-shirt to give away or that you set up shop at an electronic store instead of a grocery store, doesn’t impress.

If instead, you are able to show you have visions that improve the business, while at the same time having skills to execute on said vision, the sky is the limit.

For example, let’s say you start out as a Promotions Assistant on the grocery store grand opening circuit, but you have a vision for a marketing spot you believe can really help the network. Don’t rush to your superior with only a vague concept – write it out, storyboard it, be ready explain why it works and have a product ready to produce.

Now, when you get ready to present it go one step further and demonstrate you have the audio editing skills to produce the piece from beginning to end.

Instead of being just another employee who throws their ideas at the wall, you are different because you have presented a complete concept, demonstrated your writing skills and shown your willingness to follow through on the entire project.

This is just one specific example, but the concept applies anywhere and for any entry-level entertainment job. Hold your broad idea until you can make it into a specific project and demonstrate your true skills.

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Final Thought

Mundane promotions jobs can turn into much bigger careers in creative services and marketing if you have the right approach. See an entry level entertainment job like this as a means to an end, a starting point for you to impress with your well-rounded skills, and you’ll grow quickly at your company.

Jobs in marketing and promotions are about execution, not just ideas, show you can execute and get ready for your own promotion.

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