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One of our main goals on the Work in Entertainment blog is to introduce you to careers that could be your perfect match – this week we’re going to discuss the role of Music Coordinator.

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Video Transcript for “Entertainment Job Profile: Music Coordinator”

Brian Clapp, Director of Content WorkinEntertainment.com: One of the goals of our videos is to draw your attention to jobs you may never have heard of or fully understand what the role or objective of a position is – this week we’re going to discuss a very cool job that sounds very generic – Music Coordinator.music coordinator jobs

The job title doesn’t tell you much, “Hi, I’m the guy who coordinates the music” but this is a great entry level position for someone with a passion for music, a strong sense of organization and good at developing relationships with outside vendors.

So let’s talk about the job itself – let’s say Warner Bros wanted to hire a music coordinator chances are it’s to act as a liaison between show production and the administrative groups. The show producers, directors etc need music beds for their shows and they file requests, while the administrative group has to track usage, work with outside vendors, oversee audio visual equipment and more.

The coordinator gets things done between both groups.

There are some really cool facets of this job, for one staying up with music trends and for another, having access to scripts and revisions before they ever get broadcast to the public.

Pretty sweet.

To be qualified for a job as a music coordinator you must:

  • know and stay up with current music trends
  • be really detail oriented and be able to keep 100% accurate files
  • confident scheduling recording sessions with musicians
  • strong researcher to find and execute music requests
  • Very good at communicating – this job requires working across many groups

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  1. Swaroop Madduri says:

    I am very interested in applying for this job, as I have an interest in the field of music and I stay up to date with the current music trends. I am also a music critique, siting out which songs are good and which ones are bad, and stuff like that.

    • Follow the link on the page Swaroop – it’ll take you directly to some jobs you can apply for! – best of luck, Brian

      • Candido Bousquet says:

        I love music, have managerial experience and am working towards my music degree right now. Would I be a good fit for such a job?

  2. I love music; it is my life. I went to school for graphic design and now I wish I would have went into anything music. I have to have music playing almost all the time. I have tattoos that represent my love for music. Passionate is an understatement. So with all of that being said, I obviously don’t have a degree or knowledge to be able to pursue anything in the industry. I just need to find that first step that can direct me in the direction that I would love to go. My main attraction to being a music coordinator is that fact that you said it was entry level. I will whatever it takes to be able to break into the music industry.