Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for August 30th

Entertainment IndustryOne of our content strategies at WorkinEntertainment is to provide advice and various resources from the “inside out”.

What this means, at least to us, is that we either create content about topics we have advanced knowledge of, or we interview experts who have insider knowledge within their field.

That’s the inside part.

The outside part are the people who want to get in but aren’t there yet, whether that’s a recent graduate, or job changers. Our goal is to provide insider knowledge that can benefit everyone who reads especially those who aren’t quite on the inside yet.

One of the reasons I enjoy writing and researching our weekly link roundup is because I get exposure to so many experts out there doing some great teaching on subjects that are fascinating.

The list, as always, is in no particular order and if you have, or know of, a blog focused on the entertainment industry I should investigate for inclusion in our roundup, please share it in the comments!

The ABC’s of Producing: H is For Honor – A new friend suggested I read film producer Rob Cowan’s contributions to HollywoodJournal.com and I’m glad he did. What I love about this article is that the headline might sound corny, but the example Cowan uses to demonstrate this often lost trait is incredibly powerful.

Shawn Pelton Recording Session Performance Tips – This article from Discmakers.com fits the “inside out” philosophy in expert fashion. Saturday Night Live drummer Shawn Pelton  sharing 11 recording session performance tips – doesn’t get more insider than that!

Want a job in the Music Business? These are the Cities you Should Live In – I won’t lie, I’m a little miffed to share this because it was an idea I had brainstormed but was yet to execute on. Either way, Billboard did it perfectly so why not celebrate the data!

Five Skills you Need to Master for Television Jobs – Remember what I said earlier about advice from the inside out? Well, I spent about 14 years in the television industry, so this one is right up my alley. In my experience these are five skills that will always benefit you and set you up for success in broadcast television.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Brand Manager Jobs in Radio – I did this interview with Saga Communication Brand Manager Jimmy Steele over email, and it is rare you can feel someone’s excitement and passion through typed words, but you could with Jimmy. Some really great advice, not just for being a brand manager, but for radio jobs and entertainment jobs in general.

Everything you Always Wanted to Ask About Getting Played on College Radio – Very cool interview with EricTheReDD, former general manager of WJSC-FM  (Johnson State College, Vermont)  about the inner workings of a college radio station and how to get your music played.  There is some real in-depth  and behind the scenes information which I found fascinating and enjoyable.

Yes, those two things can be mutually exclusive, something can be fascinating but not enjoyable…this happened to be both.

Kevin Spacey on Why TV Channels Should Give Control to Viewers – I loved him in Se7en and The Usual Suspects, so I figured what the heck I’ll give the guy his time (but not too much since he hasn’t made a good movie since).  Fact is, I am yet to watch House of Cards yet, but after watching this vid I’m on board with his premise and want to binge watch his show with a bucket of popcorn and nowhere to be.

Small Market Broadcasters Concerned About Network Deal – With Cumulus on the verge of purchasing Dial Global  small market broadcasters are concerned they’ll no longer have programming options or leverage. Both Cumulus and Dial Global currently offer 24/7 music programming, but if they combine there will only be one option for smaller stations to choose. Ever play Monopoly?

A Digital Camera Built Like a Film Camera: The Black Betty – I couldn’t possibly understand all the technical specs involved here, but this falls under the category of “cool stuff I like to try to learn about”. Filmmaker Magazine always seems to do that to me.

Radios Digital Revenues are Growing But…  – If you are a fan of the numbers behind the radio industry, Jennifer Lane’s Audio4Cast is a great resource. Looks like digital revenues are up 16% year over year, but that’s not all of the story according to Lane.

That’s it for this week – if you think there is a blog out there dedicated to the entertainment industry that we should include in our weekly link roundup, bring it to our attention in the comments section below!

We love being exposed to new, valuable, sites.

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