Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 27th

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This years Radio Show was filled with inspirational quotes – our theme for this weeks entertainment industry roundup

Seems like this is a week perfect for inspirational quotes.

No, not the type your friends post on Facebook from Sun Tzu and Henry Thoreau in an attempt to get more likes and feel validated.

We’re talking industry related, relevant quotes that should inspire you to do great things in a specific way, not a general, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”  (although that quote is kind of cool)

Why is this a week for industry quotes?

Well, the NAB radio show just concluded in Orlando and when all the top speakers in a certain industry present their best stuff to a social media savvy crowd, there are bound to be some inspirational quotes bouncing about in the blogosphere.

And, I have a two year old that doesn’t sleep…I needed a kick in the pants this week.

Here’s our top ten from the entertainment industry this week, if you know of a blog we should be including please include it in the comments!

(I say this every week, why won’t someone promote themselves?)

Start Searching for TV Jobs, Radio Jobs, Film Jobs and Music Jobs

Remarkable Radio Show Quotes: Our favorite rock radio consultant, Fred Jacobs, put together all the best quotes from the NAB radio show, that I hope to attend next year. My personal favorite came from Roxanne Roberts of the Washington Post: “There is always an audience for a great story, no matter how it’s delivered.”

12 Powerful Quotes That Could Change the Way You are Promoting: Following on our inspirational path, if you are a musician or work on the music business side these are extremely applicable quotes. Highlighting a favorite from musician Ari Herstand: “Don’t tell people you are broke. Guilting fans into buying your music never works.” How about guilting fans into reading your blog…anyone?

TV Production Assistant Jobs: How to get Them and What to Expect: In Television, the gateway to glory position is as a production assistant, your entry point into the frenetic pace and urgency that is television. Find out what skills you need to get hired and what to expect when you are on the job.

Why Don’t Movie Studios Make Pilots?:  One of the smartest concepts I’ve read in a while that is cleanly articulated by Aaron Cooley. Commercial agencies test concepts before full production, TV studios order pilots to see before they buy, why don’t film studios use a pilot system?

entertainment industry jenni hogan

Emmy award winning journalist Jenni Hogan has created a new broadcasting social media app called TVInteract

WRAL Documentary Makes Heavy use of Social Media: A former intern of mine, Jenni Hogan, has gone on to incredible success, being named the “Socially Savvy TV Journalist” by Forbes, winning an Emmy and developing a new social media app called TVinteract. This article highlights WRAL-TV using Jenni’s social media app in their most recent documentary…couldn’t be prouder of her success.

Half of Online Americans Listen to Internet Radio: I’m a sucker for research articles, since they tend to make me walk away feeling like I know something. I’ve noticed over the years though, that numbers must be really digested and picked apart before you think you can believe something. (Make sense?) In this case, these numbers are pretty straight-forward and the impact is obvious.

Networking Tips for Artists: Pretty self-explanatory article, 10 tips for networking. With these types of articles I always look at who wrote them to find out if they are a credible source – why take advice from someone who doesn’t know anything, right? In this case the author is Simon Tam, President and Founder of Last Stop Booking and performing member of The Slants…I’d say he’s qualified.

TV Viewers Explore Various Options to Find Shows:  Another research article, but again an interesting one because it turns out, most TV viewers still use old school methods to find shows to watch. Who knew?

Film Industry Jobs: Insight from the Inside – Screenwriter Michael Bruce Adams details his climb up the ranks in the film industry from how he got started to where he is now. It’s a pretty amazing read.

LucasFilm Real Time CGI Filmmaking: I trust the writers at NoFilmSchool – when they say this can revolutionize the filmmaking process I perk up.

That’s our top ten of the week from the entertainment industry, don’t forget to mention in the comments any blogs you think we should check out for future inclusion.

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