Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Aug 23rd

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One of the best articles we found this week came from ‘Don’t Shoot the Costumer’ explaining how wardrobe can assist storytelling and develop characters

I’m a fan of deep niche blogs.

There are literally thousands of blogs covering big topics like sports, internet marketing and politics… but what about deep niches like costume design and set lighting? This is the true power of the internet, learning about a specialized trade from the inside out, for free.

This week I stumbled upon two fascinating blogs that are helping fill the crevices in my knowledge base – Don’t Shoot The Costumer and Blood, Sweat and Tedium: Confessions of a Hollywood Juicer. I’ve highlighted some of their work this week and I suggest you bookmark them, they are more than just informative, they are entertaining and well-written.

The list, as always, is in no particular order and if you have, or know of, a blog focused on the entertainment industry I should investigate for inclusion in our roundup, please share it in the comments!

What you Can Learn from Nirvanas First Recording Contract: When you buy a house you sign your name on the dotted line seemingly hundreds of times and every detail is accounted for. Apparently, the same was not true for artists signing record labels in the late 80’s. This contract is truly amazing, especially the amount of the original advance Nirvana received from Sub Pop Records. Stunning.

Tips to Improve Your Home Recordings Right Away: Must read for aspiring music-makers. You don’t have a be a fancy music engineer to craft some really quality recordings from home. Chaser Eight guitarist Pat Walsh walks through his five step plan for home recording.

Women in Film vs. TV: Why the Disparity?  Some very interesting conclusions drawn from female filmmaker Katie Carman-Lehach on why significant awards have been bestowed upon female TV directors, but rarely (once) for female filmmakers.

Wrap: I’m a sucker for a first-person narrative describing the inner workings of an industry I’m not that familiar with.  Set Lighter Michael Taylor takes on along for the ride to the wrap party after the final day shooting on his most recent cable series.

From the Knickers Out : Screenwriter Michael Bruce Adams guest authors this entry on the wonderful Don’t Shoot the Costumer blog, and takes us deeper into the impact costuming can have on storytelling. Really insightful with in-depth screenshot examples.

Major Advertisers set to Spend Millions with iTunes Radio Next Month: More of a straight news story but worth highlighting for the impactful nature of what this means in the radio/music business. Success is often tied to sales and advertising, if iTunes radio is able to line up advertisers before we really even know how it will work, or have any proof of concept, this has to be considered a disruptive technology.

Zuckerberg Wants to Bring the World’s Poor Online: My cynical follow-up would be…and then what do you plan to do to them?

Jobs in Sales Can Lead to Big Things: Katie Gambill, President and General Manager of 5 Star Radio group, explains how she started her career in sales and still to this day believes good sales people are hard to find, even though they often have the highest career ceiling

What to Expect from Auditions for Disney Channel if you are a Newbie– Guest Author Marie Skillern explains the world of Disney Channel auditions for anyone interested in pursuing a career in front of the camera

Media Buyers Favor TV, but Digital Video on the Rise: The gap between TV and digital media buying is deteriorating, with TV holding it’s thinnest lead in three years. 35% of survey respondents said they are more interested in advertising on Digital than TV – up 16% from just last year.

That’s it for this week – if you think there is a blog out there dedicated to the entertainment industry that we should include in our weekly link roundup, bring it to our attention in the comments section below! We love being exposed to new, valuable, sites.

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