Entertainment Industry Top Ten Links of the Week – August 2nd

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Mohamed ‘Kimosaki’ Kamal wrote our favorite story of the week, describing his decision to give up full-time work to pursue being a DJ.

As a writer I am often inspired by what I read.

Like most writers, I loathe my own writing and love how other people string their thoughts together. Sometimes I write down phrases in a notebook, not to steal at some later date, but to kick start my mind when I hit a stumbling block.

This week one of my favorite articles was from DJTechTools.com, it’s the first article listed below in our top ten link roundup from the Entertainment industry. In particular I loved this line: “Clearly I was love-drunk with music and the industry. Quite honestly, I didn’t want to sober up.”

It feels so personal, like you really understand the writer, Mohamed ‘Kimosaki’ Kamal. It found a place in my notebook and I’m sure it’ll inspire me one day to remember a personal vibe always connects with readers.

On tour top ten entertainment industry articles of the week:

DJ Stories: Quitting a Day Job to DJ Full-time:  Very cool first person story written by Mohamed Kamal about the moment, and the following path, after deciding to leave the comfort of a fulltime gig for the DJ lifestyle.

What Can Spotify Learn from Netflix and Hulu: Streaming technology is all the rage because it puts the control back in the hands of the user, but not everyone is in love. Spotify is going through it’s bad press phase as artists claim they are getting the short end of the revenue stream. Hypebot presents a good theory, namely spotify should look to video streaming companies Netflix and Hulu.

How and New Royalty Bill Could Change Radio for the Better: Bobby Owsinski  in his music 3.0 blog highlights potential new legislature that could change the business model of radio. I just have a hard time seeing the rosy picture he paints, in his original Forbes article, coming to pass. His conclusion seems optimistic at best.

KVOA, KGUN Walk Back False Suicide Report: This story makes me so upset.  It’s an example of how lazy fact-checking can lead to terribly misleading results. The words we say on TV, or in print or on the radio carry power and credibility. Fact-checking is the most important part of journalism and it bothers me when stations take shortcuts to air.

Little Change for Women and Minorities in TV and Radio: The RTNDA does an incredible job researching the broadcasting world, sadly I just wish the data they collected had better results. In the last 23 years, the minority population in the U.S. has risen 10.7 points; but the minority workforce in TV news is up 3.6, and the minority workforce in radio is up 0.1. How can this be fixed?

Cinematographer Andrij Parekh on Lighting Ryan Gosling: For the second week in a row I’ve highlighted an article featuring Ryan Gosling. It’s just a coincidence, I swear. Truth is, this is an extremely interesting take on the work of a cinematographer, it just so happens it’s about Ryan Gosling, it could have been Ian Ziering and I still would have posted it. Truth.

When Photo Editors Attack: You just have to see this to believe it.

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Radio:  We’ve talked a great deal about the future of radio recently with various experts who all share different opinions on the moves broadcast radio needs to make in the not so distant future, but they all agree creating a social media strategy is one of the top items on the to do list. Lucky for them, RadioInk contributing author Loyd Ford puts together a pretty solid social media plan stations can adopt.

Why Local TV News Still has a Bright Future: Our interview with Dr. Craig Allen of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and author of “News is People: The Rise of Local TV News”. Dr. Allen claims local news is still an ideal match for the audience and will continue to be into the future.

Want a Job in Television Think Like and Executive Producer:  The EP is the big cheese, the head honcho, the big decision maker…so if you want to work in TV wouldn’t you want to pick the brain of an EP? We take you inside the mind of an Executive Producer, trust me there are tips you can glean.


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