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The ‘second screen’ experience is fascinating to me.

Watch a show, and simultaneously get additional content online enhancing the overall experience and connection to the product. Second screen experiences are a great (Warning: here comes a cliché business term) synergy between broadcast and digital departments in pursuit of a common goal: enhance the content and serve more advertisements.

Since all business decisions are about the bottom line in some way or fashion, the concept of second screen is brilliant is in its simplicity.  The consumer in the audience experiences more content related to their favorite programming and a chance to be “involved”, while the businesses see an impact to their bottom line by serving more ads on multiple platforms while not disrupting the audience too much.

As someone who likes to see the industry thriving, I think it’s a wonderful development. More money and more content creation generally leads to more entertainment jobs.

More jobs = more happy people. Can’t fight that.

As always, our list of the top entertainment industry articles of the week are in no particular order. If you have a blog you’d like us to check out for inclusion, or have read a blog you really like, share it with us in the comments below!

CNN Launches Live Voting for Crossfire ‘Second Screen’ Experience: CNN is claiming a first for television news series, by including live viewer voting on the daily news debate topic. I feel like other have done this, but if CNN says they are the first, I mean, when have they ever been untruthful. Sarcasm aside, cool concept to increase engagement in important topics.

A Simple Plan to Start Your Radio Career: Whether you want to pursue a radio job on the creative path or on the executive path, we show you how to get started and make your move up the ladder.

Twelve Steps To Avoid Going Broke Applying to Film Festivals: Who doesn’t appreciate a well thought out twelve step plan? Matter of fact, if you don’t heed this advice and try to apply to film festivals without guidance, you may end up in a different twelve step program.

How to Market Your Music Through YouTube: On our Facebook page we get a lot of direct messages from people saying I have a great voice make me a star! Sorry, we aren’t American Idol…but if you think you have what it takes follow these steps from Dotted Music Blog and you might start to make you way…

Get Clear on Your Music Career Goals: David Hooper, writing for the Echoes blog, has a really smart write-up on establishing goals ad an important first step in any music career. I haven’t always been abig goal writer, but I have started in the last few years and it’s made a difference for me. As one of my favorite quotes goes, “Write your goals down, if they are not written down they are just dreams”.

Next TV Summit – ABC Sets Big Goals for Watch ABC App: ABC is really trying to nail the TV Everywhere concept, providing all of ABC content on iOS devices, Kindle Fire tablets and on the web. Their concept has rolled out in 8 major markets and considering their initial plan was to start in January 2014 they are well ahead of schedule.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Submitting Music to Industry Professionals: Nice piece by DIY Musician, reinforcing some tactics that should be second nature, but unfortunately aren’t. Sometimes people go through the motions just to check off their ‘to-do box’, rather than do their best and put all of their focus into it. For example, we get weekly emails from people with poor English saying we should hire them because they are cute and have a great voice. Don’t just do things, do them well and with focus.

Streaming TV ups Viewer Engagement: Ok the headline seems obvious, but the actual research is fascinating. Read on for more details, but the gist of it is pretty simple.  According to research from Ooyala, connected TV viewers watched live streaming video for an average of 44 minutes, which is 10 times longer than on-demand videos delivered over connected TVs.

That’s it for this week – if you have a blog about the entertainment industry (TV, Radio, Film, Music & Theater/Stage) that you think we should check out submit it in the comments below!

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