Entertainment Industry Top Articles of the Week for Oct 4th

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Before you continue being influenced by the negative press on broadcast radio, check out the contrarian post by Benjamin Palmer

Broadcast radio has been getting a bad rap lately, and by lately I mean a few years now.  Most articles predict gloom and doom as industry prognosticators, that aren’t radio lobbyists, slam radios time as having past.

But it’s superficial. It’s simply a case of the media chasing the shiny new toy that is Pandora, Spotify iTunes radio et all.

Now that’s not to say broadcast radio doesn’t have its foibles, (always wanted to use that word in a sentence, I hope I used it right) it does. But as Benjamin Palmer, co-founder and CEO of digital ad agency The Barbarian group, penned in a guest post on Ad Age, it’s time for marketers to stop chasing the latest social media app and reevaluate radio as a channel that is becoming more and more sophisticated while still being the world’s most popular medium.

Palmer’s radio renaissance article has inspired backflips from more than a few radio insiders, like our friend rock radio consultant Fred Jacobs:

“This piece should be lining the cubicles of every radio station in North America.  It should be a mailer to all clients, big and small, national and local.  And it should be the centerpiece of this week’s sales meeting. Because Palmer’s POV is absolutely right – if and only if radio stations from New York City to Nome take a look at themselves and start drinking his Kool-Aid.”

If you’ve considered a career in radio – don’t turn the dial on your local station just yet, they’ve got a lot of life, and opportunity, left.

If you have suggestions of entertainment industry blogs we should include in our weekly roundup please include them in the comments below.

On with the show:

Record, Produce, Master, Distribute and Promote Your Song on a Budget: Christine Ben-Ameh, an independent artist and songwriter, provides some actionable tips on recording, producing, mastering…well, you can read the title – for under $1500. Now if that doesn’t make you pay attention (and listen to her song which is embedded in the article) I don’t know what will.

Get a Job!: I’m a huge fan of Dawn Marie Climie’s blog, Don’t Shoot the Costumer, because she always provides incredibly relevant tips and advice for all people in the film industry, not just costumers. In her most recent post she explains what it’s like to finish up one contract for work, and be on the search for another. Really insightful stuff. (And I’m not just saying that because she mentioned me in there)

How to Succeed in the Music Industry on Your Terms: Music Think Tank has a well-researched concept for making it in the music industry that, in theory, won’t make you hate yourself…I’m all ears.

The Best Education for TV Jobs: There is a belief that to find work in television you have to go to one of the esteemed journalism schools, like Northwestern or Missouri, while those don’t hurt we’ve got a little secret to let you in on….

How Film Festivals Help You Make and Keep Real Friends: The headline hooked me, the actual content made me stick around and read…and who couldn’t use more real friends. Anyone? Just me?

Covering Tragedies Takes its Toll on Journalists: We journalists know what we are getting ourselves into when we sign up for the job, but sometimes it becomes more real than we ever expected. Really great article by Diana Marszalek for TVNewsCheck.

Big Ideas for Small Market Stations: As a television veteran I always enjoy reading fresh ideas to spark interest in small markets –  there are some interesting takeaways here, especially from the sales and marketing side, not really on the content side.

That’s it for this week, let us know if you have entertainment industry blogs we should check out!

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