Entertainment Industry Roundup for November 15th

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Shows like Mike and Mike in the Morning are part of a sports talk radio landscape that is thriving

Radio oh radio, how have you become so archaic right before our eyes?

If perception actually were reality we’d be doing much more that biting off Shakespearean verse, we’d actually be ringing the death knell for radio. But alas, perception is far from reality, and radio may actually be doing much better than people give it credit for, especially when it comes to sports.

In a recent article by Forbes, Chris Olivero of CBS radio informed, “More people listen to sports radio during the day, which is our prime time, than watch sports on cable (TV). We need to do a better job of educating people about that.”

“The perception is that radio has declined but that is not the case. (People) may spend less time listening than they used to but there is still an appetite for it,” adds Traug Keller of ESPN radio. “The new radio listening, or audio as I call it, is way up. Listening is 65% higher than what is recorded by Arbitron if you add podcasts and its 220 million downloads.”

It appears radio may have reinvented itself more than people give credit, with advertising power coming in from alternative audio sources, like podcasts and streaming.

Bottom line, sports radio may be the place to gravitate if you have a honkering for the radio business (which by the way, we happen to have a bunch of job postings for)

For more from the world of entertainment, here’s some of the best content of the week from the Film, Music, TV and Radio industries.

Music Industry News

Is Daniel Ek, Spotify founder, going to save the music industry … or destroy it?

The first song to ever play on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” a very annoying song, with a fitting title for the launch of a video network. I’ve often wondered if the launch and growth of internet music sites like Spotify and Pandora would be the rebirth or the death of the music industry. The Guardian spins an incredible yarn about Spotify’s founder Daniel Eck – read on to see their conclusion.

TV Industry News

KKTV’s New Digs, Small in Size, Big in Tech

There is an arms race in local news and it’s all based around technology. Constant competition for the next whiz-bang tool has often out-paced the desire to improve workplace efficiency or overall journalism and newsgathering. KKTV in Colorado Springs is revamping technology while also improving the workflow of their newsroom. If you are into tech – this is a pretty cool read.

Film Industry Tips

Here Are a Few Simple Tips to Let Your Exterior Lighting Shine

In my television career I’ve always been terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE, at lighting. I’ve done a bunch of home remodeling and to me lighting is like plumbing, it takes a natural feel and instinct that I’ve never had. So I read – constantly – any articles I can find on lighting. It’s always been my view that if you aren’t improving your weaknesses you are in either in denial or OK with sucking. Anyway, the point is, this article is cool and has some very actionable tips that anyone can incorporate in their next lighting project.

Radio Industry News

Christmas Music = Ratings

I wish I were kidding. Turns out, there is good reason for radio stations to flip their programming to non-stop Christmas music as the holidays approach – money. Cold hard cash. According to RadioInk Magazine, stations that switch to an all Christmas music format can expect a 3x increase in cume ratings, and introduction of their station to a much broader audience that wasn’t part of their normal base.

This helps explain why one Chicago radio station has already made the switch to Christmas music 24/7!

From the Work in Entertainment Blog:

Miami Vice Movie: “The Most Challenging Project I’ve Ever Worked On”

Part two of our interview with noted film costumer and wonderful blogger Dawn Leigh Climie about the greatest challenge she has had in film making. It’s a very cool story about her experience on the Miami Vice film set.

Four Tips to Get Hired for Entertainment Jobs: You read a lot of the same tips recycled from various sites out on the blogosphere, but we really reached for some new ideas in this article that will help you get out of your personal rut. Job seeking sucks, let’s be honest, so we’re trying to do everything we can to help.

That’s it for this week – let us know of any other blogs we should be reading in the comments!



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