Entertainment Career Advice Roundup – June 5th

Entertainment Career Advice Roundup

This picture has nothing to do with Entertainment Career Advice, but it’s weirdly fascinating

Let’s get one thing straight, this is not a roundup of box office stats, reviews of albums or TV show ratings because by the end of the week that stuff is already old news.

The idea here is to share relevant information, from around the web, that can help you get ahead in your career in entertainment. There are valuable tips out there everywhere..sometimes’s it’s just hard to know where to look!

Here are 17 links you shouldn’t miss from this week in entertainment career advice.


Building a Career in the New Music Industry  – Bandzoogle’s Director of Artist Relations, Dave Cool explains how technology and the internet has changed the playing field for music careers.

How Artists Get Paid For Their Music – I love this kind of stuff, the behind the scenes information about how things really work. Singer/Songwriter Christine Ben-Ameh breaks down an infograrphic explaining how artists get paid for their music, but most importantly how they have to think like business people.

Six Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write – We all get writers block no matter what industry we are in (trust me I feel like I deal with it daily) Songwriter Cliff Goldmacher provides six great tips that have helped him break through personal droughts of creativity.


Keep Your Reporting out of a Rut – one of my favorite articles of the week comes from RTNDA ( Radio Television News Directors Association). It”s so easy to fall into predictable routines, investigative producer Lynn Walsh provides five easily digestible ideas to keep your storytelling fresh.

2012 Highest paid Media Executives – I’m a sucker for a good list post, and this is a good one. Ever wonder what your ceiling is for careers in the media? Around 18 million – go get em!

Pat O’Brien on Recovering from Scandal – Hopefully you’ll never endure the embarrassment that Pat O’Brien has, but if you do he has some very valuable advice. Frankly, his advice works even if it’s for simple mistakes you make in the workplace.


And the Award for Best News Coverage Goes to… – Rsdio Consultant Bill Jacobs highlights a radio station in New Jersey deserving attention for the incredible news coverage it provided of Hurricane Sandy. He breaks down, very well, why they were successful and how other stations should adopt their game-plan for news coverage.

“Radio” is not a Brand – Mark Ramsey frustratingly opines that people who think radio needs “a better story” to continue to be relevant in today’s changing world, are missing the point.

Get the Chair and then Go From There – Lisa Miller, President of Miller Broadcast Management, explains that it’s often best for your career to work for the #1 station in any market, rather than the biggest market or the best pay.


Different Camera for Every Project?  – I found this incredibly interesting: Director of Photography Timur Civan explains how the type and style of your material is the biggest decision maker for the type of camera you should use, not price or reviews.

The Longest Average Shot Lengths in Modern Hollywood – As a former editor (in TV not film) I find the ability to string together a shot without edits is an incredibly impressive orchestration. This article highlights some of those magnificent creations and is worth your time.

Oh that guy, 15 Character Villians You Love to Hate – Not everything on this list is meant to teach, sometimes you just have to have a little fun.

Career Advice

Three Easy Steps to Finding a Job with LinkedIn’s New Contact App – Joshua Waldman from CareerEnlightenment.com breaks down the new LinkedIn app and shows you how to make it benefit you in your job search

Tips for New Grads on Interacting with Others on a New Job – Congratulations, you got a job! If you want to keep it make sure you don’t make any of these cardinal mistakes as you enter the workforce.

Helping Others Can Help you Find a Job – short post, but important reminder for being who you want to be and who others will want to hire from Job Search Ninja.

Tips for a Skype Job Interview – More and more companies are ditching the phones, or saving travel expenses, by performing job interviews on Skype, Facetime and in Google Hangouts. Nowhere is this more convenient than in the entertainment industry, here are Ten tips t make sure you nail it!

Master Your Non-Verbal Communication – Not every impression is made from what you say during a job interview, your non-verbal communication is extremely important, here are four tips to me mindful of.


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