The Secret to Advancing in Entertainment Careers

If you’ve watched any of the videos from our Director of Content, Brian Clapp, you probably realize by now he thinks job seekers should obtain hard skills, and be able to show potential employers an ability to do something. In this video, he’s sharing the secret for advancement in entertainment careers, and for that, it […]

Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset on Your Resume

Most job seekers explain their social media talents all wrong on their resume and it’s resulting in a negative impression from employers. We’ll show you how to make social media skills an asset in your job search in this short video: WIE social media jobs Video Transcript for “Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset […]

The Type of People You Need In Your Professional Network

If you only surround yourself with people just like yourself, you’re doing this all wrong. We explain in this short video: WIE who you surround yourself with Video Transcript for “The Type of People You Need in Your Professional Network” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: As human beings we have a natural tendency to […]

Start Standing Out From The Rest Of The Job Seekers

Fallen into a rut? Feeling ordinary? Uninspired? Bored? Trust me, anyone interviewing you can sense the way you feel about yourself and that can override your skill set. For you next interview, make sure you add a little of this: WIE you need passion Brian Clapp, Director of Content: If you’ve spent any time […]

Understanding the Art and Science of the Entertainment Business

According to an entertainment industry executive I interviewed recently, there is an art and a science to working in this business. He wants to hire people that understand what that means…so we asked, and he explained: WIE art and science Video Transcript for “Understanding the Art and Science of the Entertainment Business” Brian Clapp, […]

The Traits Leaders Exhibit and How to Make Them Yours

Leadership may be the most overused word in the job seeking cycle. Recruiters, hiring managers and interviewees beat the word to death without really knowing it’s meaning. Everyone wants ‘leaders’ so what does it mean and how can you embody the traits of a leader? We’ll show you… WIE leaders Video Transcript for “The Traits […]

A Simple Step That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Entertainment Career

The data behind writing down your goals is staggering, it makes a huge difference. We show you how to use this simple step to make you a more valuable, marketable job candidate: WIE goals Video Transcript for ” A Simple Step that Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Entertainment Career” Brian Clapp, Director […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 5

Stimulating your network is an important part of your job search, but how you do it is even more important. Find out the way to do it right in the final video of our five-part series on steps you should take to prepare for your job search (see part 1, part 2, part 3 and […]

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 4

Every job interview experience is different, but they all revolve around one advanced concept that we explain in part 4 of our job search series (here’s part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 5). Enjoy! WIE pre job search 4 Video Transcript for “Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 4” Brian Clapp, […]

Job Interview Mistakes That Could Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 4

We’ve been tackling a 5-part series covering some of the most common job interview mistakes people are making that are preventing them from getting the opportunity they have been waiting for. This is part 4 of 5 and trust me you want to listen and learn. job mistakes part 4 Click here for part 5 […]