Can You Learn the Music Business Online? A First-Hand Student Account.

Do you need a degree to work in the music industry? It isn’t a must-have for many of the careers in the music business, but it can be beneficial. While top music producers and musicians like Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin may have bypassed the traditional college experience, others like John Mayer and Quincy Jones […]

Mastering Set Design on a Budget

When it comes to creating believable, relatable, and realistic characters on screen, there’s more to it than simply what’s in the script, or the face of the person doing the performance. So much can be learned about a person on screen simply from what’s laid out behind them. Rather than relying on tedious exposition to […]

Best Paying Jobs in the Music Industry Today

When you discover your true calling – the thing that makes you excited and enthusiastic about your daily life – you don’t normally wonder next…how much does it pay? You’re excited by the fulfillment to your life and soul, not focused, initially at least, on your bank account. But the money behind the passion is […]

How A Business Mind Can Help You In The Entertainment Industry

Many people would not associate a business mind with a creative industry such as entertainment. But when you really think about it, the sheer amount of money and assets in such an industry requires a whole load of people with business minds. From the financial departments of huge production companies, to the creative music-lovers who […]

The Entertainment Industry Has Diverse Job Needs

The entertainment industry was, at one time, a much more impenetrable thing. Now, however, there are seemingly countless roles to fill, spanning a wide range of skill sets. This is not unique to entertainment, as the rise of the internet and technology has increased both need and access in once-niche industries. With this wider accessibility, […]

Gap Year or Career Break: What Are Your Options For Working Abroad?

There comes the point for most of us, where we want to take some time out. It might be a gap year before starting University. It might be taking a sabbatical or career break, during your working life. It might be that there are some things that you have always wanted to do. You might […]

16 Ways to be Just Another Mediocre Job Seeker

You’ve been a job seeker for months, tried various tactics, read industry blogs, had some interviews…but nothing good has happened in some time. Chances are, you’re mediocre. You haven’t made yourself good enough to be hired, but you also aren’t bad enough to be completely ignored. If you are offended by that statement, I’m sorry, […]

Jobs in Digital Media: Prospects and Challenges

Digital media degrees are gaining in popularity among college students, mainly because of the wide-array of skills and career choices that this degree opens doors to. If your technical and creative skills don’t get you a job in a huge company, you can always find a mid-sized company or startup to help bring to success. Let’s […]

Equal Pay For Equal Work? Not Here.

As we cruise along the boisterous highway of political rhetoric and stump speeches, topics emerge that pique our interest. Maybe you are intrigued by the Trump machine, or how a socialist like Bernie Sanders has you redefining your methods of evaluating decisions, or maybe it’s a policy approach that you find yourself tied to. Despite […]

Frustrated by your Job Search? Time for a Self-Audit

Frustrated by your job search? Join the club. It seems despite the fact our national unemployment numbers are getting lower, many people are still struggling to get jobs in the field they really want. If you are part of this crowd, time to do a self-audit – here’s how: WIE self audit Video Transcript for […]