Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset on Your Resume

Most job seekers explain their social media talents all wrong on their resume and it’s resulting in a negative impression from employers. We’ll show you how to make social media skills an asset in your job search in this short video: WIE social media jobs Video Transcript for “Turning Social Media Skills into an Asset […]

How On Demand is Changing Television Forever

When the DVR first burst on the scene no one fully envisioned the impact it would make on the TV revenue stream. Television shows were no longer appointment based, you watched when you wanted, or delayed the start of your favorite program by 10 minutes, allowing you to fast-forward through all the mind-numbing commercials. No […]

There are no Holidays in the Entertainment Industry

Fact: There are no holidays in the entertainment industry. As the friends you grew up with share Facebook statuses celebrating their 5 days off from the grind, your work routine ramps up in intensity. More people home from work means a robust increase in watching TV, listening to the radio and going to concerts, just […]

Does Our Lust For Information Have Consequences?

In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, the 22nd deadly incident since 1999, there are questions that need to be answered, namely, how much of a role do we play? Yes, us, the audience in the theater on an undying quest for answers. There is a simple premise to every business – go […]

Entertainment Industry Roundup for November 15th

Radio oh radio, how have you become so archaic right before our eyes? If perception actually were reality we’d be doing much more that biting off Shakespearean verse, we’d actually be ringing the death knell for radio. But alas, perception is far from reality, and radio may actually be doing much better than people give […]

Entertainment Industry Roundup for the Week of November 8th

After college I was lucky enough to be hired by CNN, which has led me down a pretty incredible path in the television industry. It still to this day strikes me as funny, when I turn on the Today show and see Willie Geist, or turn on the NFL on Fox and see Laura Okmin, […]

Entertainment Industry Top Articles of the Week for Oct 4th

Broadcast radio has been getting a bad rap lately, and by lately I mean a few years now.  Most articles predict gloom and doom as industry prognosticators, that aren’t radio lobbyists, slam radios time as having past. But it’s superficial. It’s simply a case of the media chasing the shiny new toy that is Pandora, […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 27th

Seems like this is a week perfect for inspirational quotes. No, not the type your friends post on Facebook from Sun Tzu and Henry Thoreau in an attempt to get more likes and feel validated. We’re talking industry related, relevant quotes that should inspire you to do great things in a specific way, not a […]

Entertainment Industry Top Ten of the Week for Sept 19th

One of the most overused cliches in Television is creating ‘Water Cooler Content’. This phrase has been uttered (at me) for years and I always found kind of annoying to be honest. The idea is, it’s the job of content people to create topics that people will talk about together at work the next day, […]

Entertainment Industry Top Articles of the Week for Sept 13th

The ‘second screen’ experience is fascinating to me. Watch a show, and simultaneously get additional content online enhancing the overall experience and connection to the product. Second screen experiences are a great (Warning: here comes a cliché business term) synergy between broadcast and digital departments in pursuit of a common goal: enhance the content and […]