Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs

Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is going video style again – this week we handle a question from Annabel who wants our opinion on a job application technique. Enjoy! WIE shotgun resume technique.MTS Video Transcript: “Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs” Brian Clapp, WorkinEntertainment.com Director of Content: Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is the Control Room in Television the Right Place for me?

The television control room is the nerve center of the entire operation. What appears so organized and controlled on your screen, is in fact orchestrated chaos that to the outsider appears to be tumbling out of control in manic fashion. This is what draws so many to the television industry. Some deeply recessive DNA strain […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Should I Accept a Job Offer or Get my Masters?

We all have a friend who is a perpetual student, forgoing the job market for yet another piece of paper that says in fancy writing, “you are good enough, you’re smart enough and people like you”. OK, most Masters degrees don’t actually say that and I’m not trying to give off the vibe that a […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Career Paths in the Television Industry

We’ve had a flood of questions coming in for our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A and I really enjoy writing this column so please keep sending your questions in. The most vocal part of our audience lately has been early college students looking for career guidance, or in this weeks case, a junior in High School! […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Interview Technique Edition

I have to admit, our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is one of my favorite things to write. I feel I can speak a little more casually, like we are all sitting across from each other sharing ideas over a good meal. Of course, there are thousands of you and only one of me, so […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Are Media Sales Careers the Way to Break in?

There are many great questions coming in from our audience all looking for advice on finding the right entertainment jobs, and we promise to answer every single one of them. This week’s question from Nathan in Pennsylvania follows a similar theme to many we receive…frustration. Frustration in the job search strikes us all, which makes […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – What is a Preditor?

The grand return of our Entertainment Jobs Q&A column – I’ve been slacking a bit over the holidays, thank you very much – is a question right up my alley regarding my beloved TV industry. If you have a question you’d like is to answer for an upcoming version of the Entertainment Jobs Q & […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: What Does a Promotions Assistant Do?

I don’t know about you, but to me, some of these job descriptions make roles seem more confusing than they really are. For instance, calling someone a petroleum transport engineer instead of a gas station attendant, is confusing. Now that’s not the type of job we have on our site, but you get the drift. […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Do I Really Need to Relocate?

As someone who has moved four times in the last year, I can understand why people are reticent to relocate. The packing, the finding a new home, the cable guy, the forwarded mail, updating credit cards – it’s annoying and moving once is enough to say “ENOUGH”! Entertainment jobs are not like most careers, there […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is Jumping Jobs Normal?

An accounting major graduates from college and can find job opportunities in most any city or town of any size. Same for a teacher, a dentist or a computer programmer. That’s not to say it’s easy to find work in these careers, it’s just that they are more readily available in most areas of the […]