Training Gains: The Importance Of Employee Development

If you’re an employer, it’s understandable to want to the best team around you. When you hire employees, you look out for certain character traits, qualifications, and skills, but career progression should never end with a job offer. Most people have a desire to climb the ladder, and as an employer, you can benefit from […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs

Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is going video style again – this week we handle a question from Annabel who wants our opinion on a job application technique. Enjoy! WIE shotgun resume technique.MTS Video Transcript: “Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs” Brian Clapp, Director of Content: Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A […]

A Collection of Thoughts on Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, the bellowing heart throb of the grunge era best known for his time as the lead vocalist for Soundgarden, died Wednesday night in Detroit. He was 52 years old. Police were called to Cornell’s hotel room in the MGM Grand casino at around 12 am after receiving a 911 call from a family […]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is the Control Room in Television the Right Place for me?

The television control room is the nerve center of the entire operation. What appears so organized and controlled on your screen, is in fact orchestrated chaos that to the outsider appears to be tumbling out of control in manic fashion. This is what draws so many to the television industry. Some deeply recessive DNA strain […]

Kids Crash BBC Live Shot in Must See Video

Working from home is often a challenge. There is always some laundry to do, lunches to make and a honey do list to complete, not to mention, children lurking behind closed doors waiting for their moment to destroy your moments of silence. Such is the life of Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan […]

Raising Creative and Musical Kids One Tune at a Time

Even Michael Jackson, Elvis, Johann Sebastian Bach and Mozart started out as babies in diapers. Music is in their genes, just like most of us. Surely, these talents will never prosper if not fully and carefully nurtured. As parents, what can you do to raise creative and musically inclined kids? We have a few ideas […]

Why Everyone Should Watch Local TV News

When Howard Stern first started to make a name for himself in radio, people said they listened primarily because they had no idea what was going to happen next. In a world where everything seemed obvious and predictable, Howard Stern brought out the opposite. The same holds true for local TV. Don’t believe me? In […]

Most Popular Entertainment Jobs of the Week – 2nd edition

There have been stories that have impacted the entertainment world this week, a certain election comes to mind, but we’re going to focus on something slightly less political – Leonard Cohen. Haven’t heard of him? Over five plus decades he has been one of the most influential songwriters and musicians in the world, coming of age […]

Most Popular Entertainment Jobs of the Week – 1st Edition

We’re just a few days away from one of the biggest nights in television – the presidential election. And while the country is divided in who they will choose, one thing is for sure, TV news networks will have Super Bowl-esque ratings as the viewing public tries to figure out the next four years of […]

Music and Its Effects on our Creativity, Social Interaction, and Intellect

Music has been around since the very dawn of time, existing in nature and later developing structure as humans found their way on planet Earth. It has provided us with great benefits, particularly in the emotions department. And whether you admit it or not, we all have songs for almost every event of our lives. […]