Change That Tune: The Influence of Music in Movies

The use and importance of music in modern-day movies is one that has been underrated for so long. These days, music very easily sits in the film narrative remaining consciously unobserved, whilst still stimulating our subconscious. This aids the emotional impact that such movies have on our minds. The uses of music in movies have […]

How To Make A Music Video On A Tiny Budget

Here’s a guest post from our friends over at who are almost as obsessed about music as we are! The amount of money that goes into a major-label music video is pretty staggering. I don’t mean to upset you, but there’s a good chance it cost more to make the last music video you […]

Mastering Set Design on a Budget

When it comes to creating believable, relatable, and realistic characters on screen, there’s more to it than simply what’s in the script, or the face of the person doing the performance. So much can be learned about a person on screen simply from what’s laid out behind them. Rather than relying on tedious exposition to […]

Best Paying Jobs in the Music Industry Today

When you discover your true calling – the thing that makes you excited and enthusiastic about your daily life – you don’t normally wonder next…how much does it pay? You’re excited by the fulfillment to your life and soul, not focused, initially at least, on your bank account. But the money behind the passion is […]

Want to Work on a Film Crew? Here’s How.

The entertainment biz is booming, but the spotlight isn’t just for actors and directors. Those things need people to operate them. Films need large crews of technically inclined people to make the magic happen — people with varied trade backgrounds, from electricians to carpenters to tailors. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to explore your […]

Is There A Lot Of Money In Music Festivals?

A festival isn’t cheap to organize and yet new music festivals are springing up all the time – so is it worth it for you to start your own music festival? A love of music and a background in events may be all you need to set up your own festival. Is it the money-spinning […]

Shooting a Bold Scene as a Beginning Director

Image Source Bringing the element of reality is very crucial in telling a moving story. The audience can relate to it better, feel more emotions and can understand your story better. It is the responsibility of the director to make their actors work together to form a film that reflects the true essence of the […]

6 Rules Every Successful Actor Followed When They Started Out

The road is long. Anyone that has ever thought about a career in acting will tell you that. Not only is it long, it can be pretty rough and ruthless too. Unfortunately, if you get that buzz from being on stage or in front of the camera then you’ll know that you have no other […]

4 (Almost) Essential Steps To Becoming A Music Manager

Image source Unlike working in human resources or as an insurance broker, working in the music industry is one that takes great foresight, planning and skills training. Not just anyone can find their way in the music biz. The music industry is a business that you fight tooth and nail to get into, which can […]

How To Be Considered for Your Dream Job in Entertainment

Chances are since you have landed here at the WorkinEntertainment blog, you are a job seeker, continuing your quest for employment. Chances are this isn’t the only place you have searched for career advice. Chances are you have been inundated with opinions on updating your resume, how to handle a job interview, what internships you […]