Four Myths About Entertainment Careers and Why You Should Ignore Them

The world of entertainment does not fit into the norms of other careers, because the path to success is far from linear. If you want to be an Accountant you are programmed from day one to go to college, get your undergrad in business, proceed directly to the best MBA program you can get into […]

Five Necessary Qualities for Working in Entertainment

Working in entertainment, whether as a television actor, a musician, or radio personality requires a certain set of skills and qualities. Talent is often not enough. The entertainment industry is crowded, fickle, and can seem impossible to break into. Not everyone is able to break through; that is just a fact. Many people dream of […]

How To Create an Impressive Resume Even If You Have No Experience

By the time you start thinking about your resume my guess is that you have completed college and you are excited to find a job and begin your career. Moving out of your parents house is always a strong motivator for getting your job search in gear! Let’s be honest with each other – finding […]

9 Common Job Search Mistakes That Will Immediately Disqualify You (#7 is a Doozy)

There are far more than nine pitfalls of job seeking but many of those fall into the dumb, or criminal, mistake category. These are common mistakes job seekers make daily without even realizing how damaging they are. Sometimes they are careless, other times oblivious. Either way, when you make these job search mistakes your employment […]

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Working in Entertainment

Working in entertainment is unlike anything you have experienced before. You need ruthless determination to keep up with this fast-paced work environment and you need to be ready to face the personal challenges that come with the job. Remember that the rewards in the entertainment business are just as high as the demands, which makes […]

Career Advice That Will Set You Free

Career advice can be complex or it can be simple and insightful. Often, the simple and insightful style of career advice is the most effective because it is easy for anyone to apply immediately. In this short video we have a simple, straight-forward piece of career advice that you can start using immediately. Enjoy! Entertainment […]

Starting a New Job? Here are Five Changes You Have to Make

Life is often about routines, a natural repetition of action that becomes your norm. In college, that routine may be showering every other day, going to class in shorts and flip flops, or always having your hair in a ponytail. These things, over your four years in advanced schooling, have become just as much a […]

A Master Plan for Balancing Your Personal Life and an Internship

This article is a guest contribution from social media specialist Scott Ragin Today, almost every intern has a hard time balancing the life that exists between working and having fun. Life coaches and psychologists suggest this struggle to balance life and work, especially during an unpaid internship, can take a huge toll on a persons health if not […]

A Few Big Reasons To Optimize Your Resume If You Want To Get A Job

Most of us find the process of resume writing baffling and intimidating. Clearly, resume writing is an uninteresting task unless you are getting paid to write. Even worse, most employers don’t even bother to take a vivid look at your resume as they think it is a waste of their time and energy. It is […]

8 Tips to Help you get your First Job in Entertainment

You probably think that working in the entertainment industry is highly rewarding, with the glitz, glamour, money and influence it can give you. Yes, that might be true, but you should keep in mind that it is also a highly demanding environment to work in. Despite the exciting and creative energy that sustain film, TV, […]