How to Do Concert Promotion That Won’t Make Us Musicians Hate You

This article is a guest contribution from writer and musician Zachary Evans. I’d tell you more about his band We Are Apes, but he hasn’t sent me a disc yet. Still waiting Zachary… Recently, a friend sent me a WikiHow article titled “How to Organize a Gig” that left me dumbfounded. Every entry in this […]

Film Industry Jobs: An Insider Perspective on Starting the Journey

Entertainment jobs require a different type of person – someone unaffected, possibly even entertained, by chaos. Nowhere is that more evident than in film industry jobs where working in odd locations for long hours becomes part of a life you now consider normal. For costumer Dawn Leigh Climie, a film industry veteran with over 53 […]

What to Expect from Disney Channel Auditions If You’re A Newbie

Not every Hollywood story begins with being discovered by talent scouts while walking through the local mall. Most actors have to work at it, often appearing at dozens of auditions before getting even a sample of the big lights. For youthful actors, one such opportunity is attending auditions for Disney Channel, which take place across the […]

Film Production Jobs: Breaking Into Your New Life on Set

This article is a guest post from Devin Klos, actor, writer and camera tech at CBS, FOX, ABC and Comedy Central. Devin is a production lifer, and has recently launched the wonderfully informative blog  Credits scroll quickly across the screen as the movie you just watched ends. As the lights come up, you sit, still […]

How to Be a Movie Director and Still Have a Life

Working in the cinematic world can be a thrilling, but often times emotionally and physically draining experience. Anyone who’s been through it can attest to that. There is a well-known saying that when you find a job you love, it no longer feels like a job – it’s just you and your passion. While there […]

Make a Career out of your Video Editing Skills

In television production there are three pillar skills which if mastered a world of opportunity awaits – writing, shooting and video editing. In the last decade, video editing has become an even more powerful tool as more and more consumers are doing the work that had previously been reserved for special people locked in dark […]

Film Industry Jobs: Insight from the Inside

After conducting interviews my normal process is to go over the responses three to four times, write an initial introduction that answers some integral question and then structure the answers into a logical format. I can’t do that with this interview from screenwriter Michael Bruce Adams. I’ve read it four to five times now, gleaning […]

Want to Learn a Skill That Will set you Apart? Here’s how…

This is a guest article written by Zacary Spencer of A career as a video editor is an exciting possibility for those interested in working on television shows, movies, advertisements and other media. Landing a job in the industry takes skill, networking and expertise with the video editing software in which you’ll be spending most of […]

Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of a Job Fair

For me, the mystery of “what do I want to do when I grow up” was solved early on – I always knew that I wanted to work in broadcasting. But after graduating with a good degree from a good school, I still had no idea how to make that a reality. Whether you are […]

Advice for Becoming a Meteorologist from NBC5’s David Finfrock

The life of a local TV personality is often tumultuous because career advancement usually requires picking up and moving to another market. You may start out in Terre Haute, Indiana advance to Reno, Nevada and eventually settle in for a life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But chief meteorologist David Finfrock from NBC5 in Dallas chose a […]