How To Start a Music Career Even if you Can’t Sing a Note

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein I often think in music. It’s an inspiring set of words for anyone with an appreciation of how music can change […]

15 Daily Routines of Highly Productive People

It’s 2am and you’re still on set. You’re used to this tempo, so it’s not a big deal. Except, it is. When you reach a certain point of exhaustion, your mind starts giving up on you. At this point, this is the right thing to do: wrap it up and go to sleep. But, is […]

How to Prepare for a Career in Music

A career in music is both challenging and rewarding. Musicians have the opportunity to share their art with audiences around the world, and there’s nothing greater than hearing other people connect with your music on a personal level. Yet, there are some significant challenges that you’ll have to face when you choose to pursue a […]

Actor with a Day Job: How To Synchronize Your Time With Your Dream

Typically, there are three kinds of actors. The first and most likely to succeed are those fortunate enough to be formally or classically trained or a graduate of a prestigious performing arts program. Congratulations, may you go forth and conquer. All actors have heard illustrious tales of those who’ve been pushed through exclusive feeder systems, […]

Starting a Radio Career: Advice from Radio Veteran Shellie Hart

Seattle radio host Shellie Hart started out with a plan to be a TV news broadcaster, but the exploding music scene in the late 80’s changed all of that, “Early Hip-Hop/Rap, New Wave, Punk, and the Seattle rock scene (later to be known as grunge) were all erupting. I was convinced the local radio scene […]

Why Bands Should Become Businesses

As someone who has been active in the music world for over a decade now both as a musician, as well as numerous other roles, I have heard a variety of perspectives on how musicians should approach the business side of things. While this isn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of being a musician, it’s […]

Five Things I Really Wish I Knew in College (#4 is my Favorite)

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields, veteran Associate Producer and Production Coordinator for a variety of television productions and castings. It’s easy to fall victim to circumstance, especially in college – there may not be overly passionate people around you, leaders who don’t push you, and there’s always the temptation to blow everything […]

Drone Videography: The Present and the Future of Entertainment

Slowly but surely, drones have become integrated into the entertainment industry, so much so that aircraft devices like the DJI Phantom 3 are often listed as ideal gifts for filmmakers. In 2014, the folks behind “The Simpsons” created the episode “SuperFranchise Drones” in which Homer claims to have a drone delivery service for the sandwich […]

Alcoholism In The Entertainment Industry: Are You At Risk?

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Helen Dawson While there might not be any scientific evidence to prove that specific professions ‘attract’ addiction, research does tend to suggest that the career we pursue may directly affect recreational drinking habits. The entertainment industry is renowned for being a sociable and glamorous ‘scene’ – […]

The Battle for TV Reporter Jobs: Claudinne Caro’s Journey

After four years of college, multiple internships, volunteer work and many late nights – you probably think to yourself, ‘I deserve a job, I have worked hard at this…why isn’t getting my foot in the door of the television industry easier?” No one could blame you for feeling that way. It should be easier. Wouldn’t […]