The Secret to Landing TV Reporter Jobs

Part of being a good TV reporter is to expect the unexpected, question things, dig for stories where other people might not think to look and pursue leads with great enthusiasm. This is all very true and could be part of a wonderful brochure you read while sitting in the career services building at your […]

Entertainment Job in Focus: Working in Publicity

Matt Damon doesn’t call up Ellen Degeneres and ask to come on her show to promote The Martian. There is no text from Taylor Swift to Jimmy Kimmel saying she’d love to come on and perform ‘Bad Blood’ live in front of his studio audience. And if Viola Davis wants to re-enact her Emmy speech […]

Why Jobs in Sales Can Lead to Big Things

For some reason, jobs in sales always seem to illicit a bad reaction from people. Most young people don’t seem to be gravitating toward sales careers and yet, they often have the most upside in the entire entertainment industry. “Great sales people are hard to find!” says Katie Gambill, President and General Manager of 5 […]

The Skills You Need To Focus On For Radio Jobs

Over their 28 years the executive team at Saga Communications believes they have found the sweet spot in the radio industry, focusing on owning and operating radio stations in small to medium size markets. Forget Charlotte, think Asheville. Ignore Boston, acquire Springfield. The strategy makes sense; in large markets the competition for consumer attention is […]

TV Production Assistant Jobs: How to Get Them and What to Expect

Anyone that wants to work in television should go back and watch The Newsroom on HBO. I originally resisted, fearful I’d be annoyed by some over-scripted and over-dramatized representation of my adult life. Season one came and went, despite pleading from many of my television cohorts that it was relatively on point and worthy of […]

Becoming a Radio Journalist: Advice from ‘The News Chick’ Linda Thomas

One of the hardest decisions we make in life is determining who we want to be when we grow up. Considering the average American worker holds just under 11 different jobs between the ages of 18-42, most everyone is burdened by some level of hesitance in declaring a life plan. The question of who you […]

Film Industry Jobs: A Day in the Life of a Costumer

This is part three of our interview series with veteran film and TV costumer Dawn Leigh Climie, part one discussed the process of getting film industry jobs, part two the hardest film she’s ever worked on and the final chapter dives into what life on set is really like. And for the latest jobs in […]

Learn the Ins and Outs of Brand Manager Jobs in Radio

Passion leads to success. Sounds simple, right? But passion isn’t something you can just decide to have one day. Passion starts early and grows within; it is passion that lifts you up to a level you didn’t know possible. For Jimmy Steele, Brand Manager for Saga Communications Columbus radio group, – the passion for radio […]