Learn How an Art Director Influences a Scene

Any visual content that you watch on TV or film, be it a thirty-second commercial or a 3-hour long feature length film, is the combined effort of hundreds of people. All of these contributors work together like a symphony, with specific roles, purposes and expectations, it is this coordinated effort that makes the monumental task […]

Film Industry Jobs: An Insider Perspective on Starting the Journey

Entertainment jobs require a different type of person – someone unaffected, possibly even entertained, by chaos. Nowhere is that more evident than in film industry jobs where working in odd locations for long hours becomes part of a life you now consider normal. For costumer Dawn Leigh Climie, a film industry veteran with over 53 […]

Make a Career out of your Video Editing Skills

In television production there are three pillar skills which if mastered a world of opportunity awaits – writing, shooting and video editing. In the last decade, video editing has become an even more powerful tool as more and more consumers are doing the work that had previously been reserved for special people locked in dark […]

Film Industry Jobs: Insight from the Inside

After conducting interviews my normal process is to go over the responses three to four times, write an initial introduction that answers some integral question and then structure the answers into a logical format. I can’t do that with this interview from screenwriter Michael Bruce Adams. I’ve read it four to five times now, gleaning […]

How to Make Yourself Marketable in the TV Industry

Not just anyone begins their career at Harpo Studios, the production company owned by Oprah Winfrey, it takes someone who has gone further than the average and pushed past fear and complacency. Zach Perlinski is one such person, leveraging his experience in college to land a production assistant job with Harpo Studios despite competing against […]

Matt Cedeno: Inside the Life of a Hollywood Actor

It’s a story told countless times, aspiring actor leaves family and friends behind to pursue their dreams. They work as a waiter to make ends meet, shuffling off to auditions daily all in hopes of one day catching just a little break. For Matt Cedeno, who plays Alejandro Rubio on the Lifetime hit Devious Maids and Vasquez on […]

The Secret to Landing TV Reporter Jobs

Part of being a good TV reporter is to expect the unexpected, question things, dig for stories where other people might not think to look and pursue leads with great enthusiasm. This is all very true and could be part of a wonderful brochure you read while sitting in the career services building at your […]

Film Industry Tips from Veteran Filmmaker Peter D. Marshall

Cliché’s are boring and trite, but more often than not, anchored in truth. Most people espousing career advice will hammer you over the head with some iteration of, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. And while it is true in most industries, it carries additional weight in the film industry. “This industry […]

Film Industry Jobs: A Day in the Life of a Costumer

This is part three of our interview series with veteran film and TV costumer Dawn Leigh Climie, part one discussed the process of getting film industry jobs, part two the hardest film she’s ever worked on and the final chapter dives into what life on set is really like. And for the latest jobs in […]

Miami Vice Movie: ‘The Most Challenging Film Project I’ve Worked on”

This is part two of my interview with noted film and television costumer Dawn Leigh Climie. Part one explored breaking into the film industry, part three will dig into life on set. Dawn Leigh Climie has worked on all types of films during her career as a costumer and set supervisor. From big budget blockbusters […]