The Entertainment Industry Has Diverse Job Needs

The entertainment industry was, at one time, a much more impenetrable thing. Now, however, there are seemingly countless roles to fill, spanning a wide range of skill sets. This is not unique to entertainment, as the rise of the internet and technology has increased both need and access in once-niche industries. With this wider accessibility, […]

Why Bands Should Become Businesses

As someone who has been active in the music world for over a decade now both as a musician, as well as numerous other roles, I have heard a variety of perspectives on how musicians should approach the business side of things. While this isn’t exactly the most enjoyable part of being a musician, it’s […]

How to Effectively Make a Facebook Event for a Concert

This article is a guest contribution from Zachary Evans of the band We Are Apes. I’d love to tell you how great they are, but Zachary still hasn’t sent me a demo…I’m waiting… Whether you are an organizer or a musician, if you are promoting a show then creating a Facebook event page for it […]

How to Do Concert Promotion That Won’t Make Us Musicians Hate You

This article is a guest contribution from writer and musician Zachary Evans. I’d tell you more about his band We Are Apes, but he hasn’t sent me a disc yet. Still waiting Zachary… Recently, a friend sent me a WikiHow article titled “How to Organize a Gig” that left me dumbfounded. Every entry in this […]

Local Freelancing: Your Gateway to the Music Industry

From the outside, the music industry can seem like a vast, impenetrable entity. However, thanks to improvements in technology in recent years, one of the largest changes in business has become the ability to work remotely or from home. This sea change in the business world has revolutionized the way people do freelance work, presenting an […]