Australian Local TV News Even Worse Than US

A month or so ago we shared a video of KTLA weather person Liberte Chan being handed a shawl to cover up on air because her outfit was “too revealing” according to emailers into the station.

We, or I should say I, railed against this made for TV moment as being sensationalized, over-blown, sexist and unnecessary. It’s a maddening occurrence for me, as someone who has worked in and greatly respects what daily live TV should be.

Alas, it’s hard to defend the local news media when they pull shenanigans like this down in Australia:

The hovering clown in the middle, who goes in for the kiss is Australian sports reporter Tony Jones, who figured on-air was the right time to get a smooch in on his much younger and highly pregnant co-host, Rebecca Judd.

Peek through your fingers as you watch, because this couldn’t have been more awkward.

It feels severely creepy to think Jones likely imagined this would be his best chance to sneak a kiss, assuming she wouldn’t embarrass him on live TV. But the TV gods shone down on the lusty lizard, as Judd turned a cheek without hesitation and if you slow down the video may have vomited under the desk.

The awkward forced laugh came out next from the onset crew, with the main anchor, a jovial man, chortling out a hearty “ha ha, you’re funny!” (in a wacky sexual misconduct kind of way!)

What makes this even worse, and if I was Rebecca Judds husband would have me storming down to the station, is that this overly aggressive sports guy asked her out on-air previously, and was subsequently rejected:

So much for taking the hint.

I’ve heard some guys are turned on by public humiliation, maybe Tony Jones fits that category, and maybe his TV station should have words with him before they have to have words with her lawyers.
Tony Jones Tries to Kiss Rebecca judd on air

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