Another TV Reporter Fail? The Real Story of a Viral Double F-Bomb Blooper

lindsay nadrich khq reporter fail explained

KHQ Reporter Lindsay Nadrich in happier times.

On camera talent are like NFL quarterbacks, they get too much credit when things go well and too much blame when things go bad.

No one knows that better than reporter Lindsay Nadrich from Fox affiliate KHQ in Spokane, Washington, who is feeling the heat after her double f-bomb during the “First at 10” news report has gone viral.

But here’s where we ruin the fun everyone is having at her expense… it’s not her fault.

At all.

Let’s get a little ‘inside TV’ here; there are live shots from reporters which are truly happening live at that moment, and there are ‘look lives’ that are made to appear live, but are actually taped segments.

This was a ‘look live’, and there is no excuse for her outtake to make it on air.

Here’s how it should work:

  1. A reporter goes out to cover their assignment
  2. They gather their necessary interviews, video and stand-up opens and closes. It may involve numerous ‘takes’ to get the perfect stand ups.
  3. They return to the station, have the piece edited and it airs that night.
  4. The anchor tosses to the story as if the reporter is live on the scene, but in reality it’s running off tape.

There are a few variables to the scenario I painted above, but that is the basics of a ‘look live’. There are two ways you can tell this isn’t actually live; there is no “live” graphic on the screen, and the anchor when it comes back to her, (after her fantastically natural reaction) explains it was an editing mistake.

So lets explore that for a second, I don’t know KHQ’s technology but there are two possible scenarios for how this occurred.

Scenario #1: Nadrich finished her work in the field, returned to the station and handed over the tapes and edit instructions to the edit staff to assemble the final piece.

It may have taken Nadrich 10 takes to get the final close the way she wanted it, so on the tape there are flubs and blunders, never meant to see the light of day.

Reporters feel safe knowing that these mistakes are never seen, so yes sometimes they curse out of frustration. Matter of fact, I know some reporters who would purposely curse loudly so that an editor couldn’t possibly put that version on air. Well, in this scenario, the editor tacked on the wrong ending. Check that, the VERY wrong ending.

Scenario #2: We can’t see the whole segment, so I don’t know if Nadrich had any soundbites or videos, she could have just been setting the scene at a local strawberry festival as a set-up for the weekend weather. If there were no soundbites or extra video, and they were running late back to the studio, then the final version could have been run directly off tape in the control room. And in this instance, it got cued up to the wrong version.

I think scenario 1 is more likely, but just wanted to paint the whole picture for you. The key takeaway for me is, if you can edit your own stories you don’t leave your fate in anyone else’s hands. Learn to edit!

(I take back this whole inside TV rant if it later comes out Nadrich edited her own piece)

Either way, Lindsay Nadrich is being compared to A.J. Clemente an anchor from North Dakota who on his first shift on air, blurted out “F—ing s—t” and was promptly fired.

I’m here to tell you Lindsay Nadrich is no AJ Clemente. Sorry to let the facts, as we know them, get in the way of a good story.

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  1. My guess is the upper brass also realizes Lindsay must be their best “on-air” reporter. I watch KHQ religiously and can attest to my own statement. Lindsay speaks clearly, and very seldom stutters, or repeats her words. One report in particular iced it for me… Lindsay was reporting on a Broadway type show that rolled into town and dressed in several different outfits, partaking in relevant scenes. She nailed every single segment and turned what would have usually been a channel changing moment into one I actually looked up from my morning coffee and said to myself afterward “that girl isn’t going to be staying long there, she’s far too talented”! Oh…and did I mention she’s very, very easy on the eye’s too! Looks last only so long. Eventually even the best looking reporters wear on you when their always tripping over their own tongues. Selfishly, I would love to see her stay on and progress through the company. But I know she’s far too talented for that. She needs to jump on that next shooting star, because she “is” one!