A Few Big Reasons To Optimize Your Resume If You Want To Get A Job

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Resumes need your attention, even if it seems like a fruitless endeavor

Most of us find the process of resume writing baffling and intimidating.

Clearly, resume writing is an uninteresting task unless you are getting paid to write. Even worse, most employers don’t even bother to take a vivid look at your resume as they think it is a waste of their time and energy.

It is obvious to think, in such cases, why bother with writing and sending a resume to the employer? Well, firstly, a resume helps you in showing off your credentials. Secondly, a customized resume will assist in nailing a specific employment opportunity.

Those times are gone when you could send a generic resume with a cover letter to all your potential employers. Today, you need to modify your resume as per the requirements of a particular job requirement. Quite indisputably, a resume has to be tailored to a job and should not be generic at all.

Since we have already established the profound significance of optimizing the resume for getting a job, let us now take a look at 7 ways to optimize your resume to help you get noticed by employers.

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Customize Your Application For Each Job

Ensure that you don’t send the same resume and cover letter to all your potential employers. No two resumes and cover letters of yours should be the same.

Each time you submit your application for an advertised position, tailor it to the exact job that you are applying for. Since each job has a unique set of requirements, you are required to re-write parts of your resume in order to match the wording of the job description. And, of course, you are allowed to use the same template to ease the whole process of resume writing.

Important To Match Your Resume Keywords

Plenty of companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for screening the right applicants for the job, which means your resume should contain the correct keywords otherwise the system will automatically exclude you from the system.

With the objective to ensure that your resume ranks high in the ATS, it is imperative to match the keywords on your resume to those listed on the job description. Doing this will help when a recruiter runs a keyword search to sift through the candidates in their database, and ATS will spot the same keywords used in the resume and select your profile for review.

Get Your Spellings And Grammar Correct

Spelling errors and poor grammar are the last two things you’d want to see on your resume.

Perhaps the person who is reading your resume may even empathize with genuine errors, but a computer that clearly lacks the skill of empathizing, will  not. Therefore, make sure that you proofread, in addition to having a friend go over your resume for you.

Make The Most Of Resume Optimization Tools

There are plenty of resume optimization tools available to help you compare your resume against a given job description and also calculates how well you match each job, what keywords are your resume missing, and even provides recommended job listings for which you are a good match.

Jobscan is one such popular resume optimization tool that you can get your hands on. Using tools like this gives you an upper hand over other applicants who don’t use these tools.

Put Relevant Information Only In The Resume

You may find this tip to be very obvious, but in reality, many applicants fail in this category of advices. Companies are only interested in relevant jobs that you have had in your previous years.

They are not interested in hearing about your cashier job at Costco if you are applying for a position of HR in their company. But, of course, they are interested in particular job-specific terms that may pertain to your role, and the skills that you have to offer.

Put down achievements and qualifications that are applicable to the job that you are applying.

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Your resume is your personal advertisement, speaking on your behalf to potential employers – better make sure you nail it.

Don’t Forget To Insert Your Contact Details

Your email address, phone number and a link to your LinkedIn profile are all pertinent information that should be included in your resume without fail.

Also, keep a check on your spam folder in case you do not see any emails in your inbox.

Use a Simple Layout

When it comes to optimizing a resume, keep the appearance of your resume simple and easy for the eyes. Keeping it simple will significantly increase the chances of your resume being correctly passed by the reader or by an applicant tracking system.

A human mind and a computer brain can be easily intimated by too many pictures, fancy characters, and typefaces. So it is advisable to stick to a standard resume format, font and file type.

What Next?

It is a good idea to get your resume evaluated by a qualified evaluator who gives constructive feedbacks. Gaining a professional perspective on your resume will be of great help.

Once you are confident with the content of your resume, the next step will be to get ready for the anticipated interview with the company. Some companies will require you to sit for only one interview, but a few companies will have rounds of interviews. Either way, it is pivotal to learn and know how to prepare for a job interview.

Look for a professional coach who can teach you the correct skills required for nailing a job interview.

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Tressie Williams



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