8 Powerful Habits That Will Make You More Successful

meditate for success


What is that thing we all aim for? Is it about attracting fans wherever you go? Is it about getting more people to follow you on Instagram? Is it about getting more views on your YouTube videos?

Yes, success is all these things. However, it’s also much more than that!

Success is a multidimensional thing, and it demands daily commitment. Aiming for success should become a life practice that never ends. We need to turn it into a habitual experience, and there are habits that support that process.

We’ll list eight of the most important ones.


Scene 1: You wake up. You think about all responsibilities you have to handle that day. Many people will expect a lot from you. It will be a mess. Plus, your best friend is not speaking to you because you made a mistake. You’re mad at the whole world today.

Scene 2: You wake up. This day brings many responsibilities and expectations. You’re grateful for that. It’s better to be busy than to have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Your best friend is not speaking to you, but that’s an opportunity to give him a call and set things right. You’re grateful to have that person you can be always honest with.

The scene of appreciation is much better, isn’t it?

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How does that habit support your goal to become more successful? It makes you aware that no matter how successful you become, you’re a human after all.

Greed doesn’t lead you to success.

You’ll always want more and you’ll never be happy with what you have. Appreciative mindset, on the other hand, makes you aware of the success you’ve already achieved.


Meditation makes you more aware of everything you experience. It helps you develop a firewall against stress and anxiety. Hugh Jackman, Madonna, Clint Eastwood, Nicole Kidman, and many other people in showbiz have turned meditation into a daily habit.

When we see Russell Brand speaking, we get the impression that this is not just another comedian. There’s something magnetic and deep in him. Fans love him not only because of the jokes he makes, but because of the person he is.

Mindfulness and meditation can give that inner glow.


Bill Gates doesn’t need to write things that prove how brilliant he is. He still writes. Not because he has anything to prove, but because the writing habit supports his never-ending process of growth.

“Successful people write because that’s a great way to connect with the audience,” – says Daniel Michels, a writer from BestEssays. “When you write well, you get better at giving interviews. You learn more things, so you look better on live TV shows. You can share personal stories with the fans, so they will feel closer to you. It’s a habit that really makes you more successful.”

Avoiding Emotional Decisions

When your manager is overly criticizing, he brings you to the edge. You want to scream, pay what you owe and go look for another person who’ll treat you better. That’s not what you should do.

Turn “count to 10” into a habit. When you’re on the edge towards bringing an emotional decision, stop yourself. Give yourself a night to sleep on it. Meditate. The solution will come when you’re calm enough to see it.


We don’t see many people in showbiz adhere to this rule when it comes to clothing. They need to attract attention, so they tend to exaggerate a bit. However, minimalism is still an important principle for you to explore. When you get rid of the clutter that surrounds you, you become more focused.

You make one less decision in the morning. Deciding what to wear is not easy when your closet is full of clothes that demand the perfect match.

If you practice the habit of minimalism, you’ll have a capsule wardrobe and everything will go well together.

Embracing Failure

The audience is not always going to like your music or shows. Some of the criticism will be brutal. Does that mean you should stop doing what you love doing?


You get out there and try again. You accept the failure. You learn from it. You use it to do better in future.

When you realize that failure is an inevitable part of life, you’ll be ready for all challenges on the road to success.

Exercising First Thing in the Morning

When you’re in showbiz, people will judge you by the way you look. That’s not the most important motivation for exercising, though. You’ll feel better about yourself when you start maintaining healthy habits.

Why in the morning?

That’s when you’re most committed. Your mind is relaxed and ready to stay strong through the routine. Plus, it means you’ll be waking up a bit earlier, so you’ll be making time for physical exercise.

If you leave it for later, you’ll keep delaying it because you’ll always have something more important to do.


If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you know that visualization is an important part of completing a pose. Before trying to do something with your body, you close your eyes and visualize the movement. Then, you’re no longer afraid. You believe in yourself and you’re ready to make the shape.

You can translate the same habit to your daily life. Visualize success!

Where do you see next week, next month, and next year? What project are you working on? See the best results! Believe in them. Then, you’ll be ready to pursue success.

Success, in its purest form, is about reaching the life goals we have. Those goals are not limited to our work in the entertainment industry, are they? We also want to make more friends, read more books, gain more knowledge, get the perfect body, and ultimately be better people. Hopefully, the 8 habits described above will lead you there.

Joan Selby is a Life coach and a blogger; a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and a fancy-shoe lover; a writer by day and reader by night, giving a creative touch to everything. Find her on Twitter and Facebook