6 Rules Every Successful Actor Followed When They Started Out

starting out as an actor

The road is long. Anyone that has ever thought about a career in acting will tell you that.

Not only is it long, it can be pretty rough and ruthless too.

Unfortunately, if you get that buzz from being on stage or in front of the camera then you’ll know that you have no other choice; that is what you were born to do and that is what you’ll fight tooth and nail to achieve.

That’s the attitude to have because no matter how hard it is, how many times your rent is late, or how many times you cry; acting is packed with amazing moments and milestone achievements.

It may not be for you, but in order to give you the best chance of knowing and succeeding, we have come up with some top tips every aspiring actor and actress should print out and read every night before bed.

Always Be Learning

If you want this to be your profession then you have to learn the craft.

Doctors go to medical school for almost a decade, architects too, and that should be reason enough for you to follow suit. It could be a college class or once a week acting class at the local art school; it doesn’t matter.

Learning as much as you can about performing is the best way to give yourself a shot.

Get A Flexible Job

Unfortunately, the world is not a wish-granting factory and that means you are going to need to get a job that will allow you to pay the bills while also synchronizing with your dreams.

That means you need to ensure any job you take is flexible because you’ll need to attend auditions and classes.

Waiting tables, virtual assistant jobs, catering staff; that sort of thing.

Network, Network, Network

Being skilled is so important, but knowing the right people is just as, so you’ll need to start making connections right away.

Sign up to a casting agency for extras and make an effort to meet people on set or take names of those with influence.

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Put your name out there.

Follow Twitter accounts whereby casting agents announce auditions. Anything you can do, do.

The Art Of Auditioning

This is your version of an interview, so you need to know exactly how to nail them.

Acting auditions could last five minutes or they could last five seconds; you need to make that time count. What we recommend you do is sign up for casting workshops where you’ll get tips from real casting agents.

Sure, you’ll learn valuable tips and tricks, but, more importantly, you’ll start to get comfortable in the room.

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Also, watch interviews with Hollywood superstars and see what advice they give. After all, they’ve done it.

Have Great Headshots

You need a headshot. That’s the bad news. The good news is, they don’t have to cost $2000.

The thing to remember is, these are not glamour photos; they are photos of you, the real you, and very little should distract from that.

You will also want to get a range of shots that highlight the characters you believe you can play.

Stay Positive, Always

Like we said, the world isn’t a wish-granting factory. If you want to make it you are going to have to fight for it and then fight some more.

You will get knocked down. You will feel broken.

You’ll bang your head on the wall more times than a cartoon cat. You will feel the need for comfort and the urge to quit; and this will never go, not really, no matter how successful you become.

But if you really want to make this your life, then you need to stay optimistic and positive and not let any down day derail your dreams.

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