15 Daily Routines of Highly Productive People

highly productive peopleIt’s 2am and you’re still on set.

You’re used to this tempo, so it’s not a big deal. Except, it is.

When you reach a certain point of exhaustion, your mind starts giving up on you. At this point, this is the right thing to do: wrap it up and go to sleep. But, is that always possible?

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to finish your job no matter how tired you are. The audience won’t care for your excuses.

Staying productive is one of the biggest challenges in the entertainment industry. You want to produce more work, land more gigs, sell more tracks… you want more of everything! How do you make that happen?

Productivity is a habit, really.

When you turn specific actions into a routine, you’ll be getting the best out of your days. Let’s explore 15 effective daily routines that make people productive.

  1. Planning the Next Day before Going to Bed

Turn this into a routine: before going to bed (no matter how late it is), create the schedule for tomorrow. You can use the good old Google Calendar for that purpose.

This plan will help you gain self-confidence. You won’t go to bed with the thought that you have too much to do and no time to handle everything. You’ll know there will be enough time for everything.

  1. Networking in Moderation

    being productive in the entertainment industry

    Don’t let social media steal your focus or control your day

Richard Branson is the only superhuman who is networking like crazy, but still doing a lot of business. Other successful people network in moderation.

When you’re part of the music industry, social media channels become part of your daily life.

You have to turn that activity into a routine that takes place during a particular portion of your day, so you won’t allow social networks to consume your whole life and affect your productivity.

  1. Hard Work

That’s what highly productive people do. They don’t procrastinate and they don’t waste time.

When you give your best shot every single day, there will be plenty of time to rest once you’re done with the tasks.

  1. Choosing Simple Clothes

Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, and other highly productive people. You’ll notice they don’t experiment much with the style. Staying simple saves them energy.

For a musician, simplicity is not always an option.

However, you’ll still simplify your wardrobe choices if you develop your recognizable style. Pick clothes of a particular style that go well with one another, so you won’t get headaches over the choices of shoes and colors.

  1. Smart Resting

Of course you could stay committed to your work 24/7, but that will soon lead to burn out. Rest is an important part of productivity.

You have to recharge your batteries, so your body and mind will be ready for the upcoming challenges.

  1. Starting New Projects

Look, you can’t keep working the same gig at the same bar for years. Being productive means making progress. New projects should be part of your daily routine.

Always think of something new to experience, a new song to compose, a new instrument to try, or a new person to talk to. Don’t make your job boring!

become more productive

Fact: Daily exercise helps overall productivity

  1. Daily Exercise

Exercise doesn’t waste energy; it helps you get it.

Being physically fit makes your mind more powerful, too.

Turn exercise into a daily routine and you’ll boost your overall well being. You’ll be more prepared to face every challenge of the day after an hour of exercise in the morning.

  1. Reading

Mark Robertson, a writer from SuperiorPapers, has been helping people in the entertainment industry work on lyrics and speeches, “I noticed a peculiar thing: these people like to read! I was surprised at first, but then I understood: reading supports all creative processes. When a book gets your attention, you imagine the characters, scenes, scents, and music that runs in the background. That vision can be a great productivity booster.”

  1. Staying on track with the Deadlines

Productivity is the opposite habit of procrastination.

A productive person never forgets a deadline. Although they remember when the tasks are due, they still set reminders and note down important dates in their calendar.

  1. Delegating and Automating Tasks

When a highly productive person realizes they won’t complete a particular task, they simply outsource it or delegate it to people from their teams.

Automating tasks is also important. For example, you can use Buffer to schedule social media posts, so you’ll be active on all platforms during activity peaks without interrupting your work.

  1. Removing Distractions

Think of the most productive person you know. Do you see them talking on the phone while trying to work? Do you see them checking Facebook five times in an hour? No. They know how to keep distractions away.

You should follow their example.

  1. Working towards a Mission

This is Sir Richard Branson’s personal mission statement: “To have fun in my journey through life and learn from my mistakes.”

Everything a productive person does is part of a bigger picture.

When you work towards big goals, your job makes sense. Suddenly, you start enjoying it.

  1. Committing to a Hobby

It may be walking, jogging, hanging out with your dog, playing ping-pong, reading… everyone needs a hobby. The moment your job becomes your whole life is the moment when you lose the joy.

  1. Systematic Email Checking

Check and respond to messages during certain blocks of the day, and ignore all notifications in the meantime. You’ll still get to everyone, but emailing won’t be a distraction in the middle of a creativity hit.

  1. Mindfulness

Being present in the moment. It’s a huge trend. It may sound like a cliche, but it really works. When you’re fully focused on what you’re currently doing, you’re doing it better.

Productivity is not an easy skill to master. It takes small steps and huge commitment. The good news is that everyone has potential for getting more productive. We just have to unleash it.

Joan Selby is a Life coach and a blogger; a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and a fancy-shoe lover; a writer by day and reader by night, giving a creative touch to everything. Find her on Twitter and Facebook



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