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On The Air: Insider Secrets for Starting Radio Careers

The college life presents a multitude of options. Go to class… or sleep in. Stay up late and party… or go to the library and study. Set up a summer internship… or go live at the beach with friends. While arguments can be made for any of the above options, the choices you make will impact your future. For Radio One national news anchor and multimedia journalist Tamika … [Read More...]

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Understanding the Growing Field of Digital Content

No longer are we confined to learning information by what is published in the newspaper or broadcast on the TV – we are a digital world, which means there are more … [Read More...]

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The Best Education for TV Jobs

Since list posts are always a big winner, let’s keep this concept simple, if you want a career in television there are a bevy of incredible schools that you can … [Read More...]

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entertainmentbiz minute

#EntertainmentBiz Minute for September 21st

The EntertainmentBiz minute features some big news on a new sheriff in town for Cablevision. Video Transcript for "#EntertainmentBiz Minute for September 21st" Brian Clapp, WorkinEntertainment.com Director of Content: After French company Altice SA … [Read More...]

#entertainmentbiz minute

#EntertainmentBiz Minute for September 16th

Welcome to the #EntertainmentBiz Minute where we get you caught up on all the big headlines from the world of entertainment business... in somewhere around a minute. This edition includes news coverage on CBS Entertainment, AMC Networks and … [Read More...]

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Five Skills you Need to Master for Television Jobs

There are an abundance of avenues for everyday people to get their news, but television is still the main place Americans turn, according to a recent Gallup poll. 55% of respondents said television was their main source of news for current events, far … [Read More...]

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How to Become a Radio Host: Tips from a Morning Show Maverick

There is a fine line that must be walked by anyone with a public voice, especially a radio host whose momentary thoughts can go immediately on the air. That funny line that pops into your head has to go through a quick filter that asks the question – ‘is this … [Read More...]

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How to Turn Your Internship into an Actual Paying Job

We aren't alone in trying to convince you of the importance to do as many internships as you can while in college - but how do you turn that experience into an actually paying job after college? We've gt some tips you must follow to make the right … [Read More...]