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Developing a Winning Mindset for Jobs in Entertainment

Entertainment jobs are different from the cookie cutter world so many people find comfort in; being contrary is actually the norm. Every day seems at odds with the next, often delivering different hours, different locations and an entirely different experience from week-to-week, day-to-day, hour to hour. This is hard for many people to digest, and by people I mean those … [Read More...]

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Why Working in Local TV News Still Makes Sense

In 2001 Dr. Craig Allen, associate professor in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, wrote what is still … [Read More...]

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16 Ways to be Just Another Mediocre Job Seeker

You’ve been a job seeker for months, tried various tactics, read industry blogs, had some interviews…but nothing good has happened in some time. Chances are, … [Read More...]

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How To Be Considered for Your Dream Job in Entertainment

Chances are since you have landed here at the WorkinEntertainment blog, you are a job seeker, continuing your quest for employment. Chances are this isn’t the only place you have searched for career advice. Chances are you have been inundated with … [Read More...]

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Want a Job in Television News? Think like an Executive Producer

Simply put, an Executive Producer in television runs the show. They control content, assignments, hiring, timing, slotting - you name it, the EP has final say. It's a pinnacle position, one that takes years of experience to obtain and even longer to … [Read More...]

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The Future of Radio: Q&A with Radio Consultant Fred Jacobs

Newspapers used to be our society’s main source of information for anything from foreign policy to sports scores, but over time, as more options became available, advertisers and audience members dwindled. The death watch was on. In recent years, major … [Read More...]

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The Secret to Landing TV Reporter Jobs

Part of being a good TV reporter is to expect the unexpected, question things, dig for stories where other people might not think to look and pursue leads with great enthusiasm. This is all very true and could be part of a wonderful brochure you read while … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Job in Focus: Working in Publicity

Matt Damon doesn’t call up Ellen Degeneres and ask to come on her show to promote The Martian. There is no text from Taylor Swift to Jimmy Kimmel saying she’d love to come on and perform ‘Bad Blood’ live in front of his studio audience. And if Viola … [Read More...]