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marketing producer

What is a Marketing Producer?

The term Producer gets thrown around a great deal in the entertainment industry. Steven Spielberg is a Producer, and so was I, but there is little to nothing similar in our jobs…except the amount we are paid (psst...that’s a joke). There are line producers, coordinating producers, segment producers, executive producers…and marketing producers? How do you keep them all … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs interning on the late show

How to Make Yourself Marketable in the TV Industry

Not just anyone begins their career at Harpo Studios, the production company owned by Oprah Winfrey, it takes someone who has gone further than the average and … [Read More...]

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tips for a job fair

Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of a Job Fair

For me, the mystery of “what do I want to do when I grow up” was solved early on – I always knew that I wanted to work in broadcasting. But after graduating with a … [Read More...]

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TV anchor jobs reporter jobs

Making the Transition from College Student to TV News Reporter

Life is a sequence of transitions, some harder than others, but none greater than the shift from being a college student to becoming an employee. There is safety in numbers while in college - you are surrounded by friends, easily accessible food sources … [Read More...]

networking event follow up

Seven Ways to get Meaningful Results From a Networking Event

Let’s be honest, networking events can be an exercise in futility if not properly managed. Actually for me I’ll go one step further; networking events can be anxiety producing, out-of-comfort-zone, exercises in cold sweats. Maybe I have my mom to blame … [Read More...]

entertainment jobs Q&A interview technique

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Interview Technique Edition

I have to admit, our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is one of my favorite things to write. I feel I can speak a little more casually, like we are all sitting across from each other sharing ideas over a good meal. Of course, there are thousands of … [Read More...]

meteorologist david finfrock nbc5 dallas

Advice for Becoming a Meteorologist from NBC5′s David Finfrock

The life of a local TV personality is often tumultuous because career advancement usually requires picking up and moving to another market. You may start out in Terre Haute, Indiana advance to Reno, Nevada and eventually settle in for a life in Pittsburgh, … [Read More...]

How to become a Tv Producer

How to Become a TV Producer. Wait, What Does That Actually Mean?

One of the most overused and misunderstood words in the Television business is the term Producer. It’s such a vague word which taken at face value could apply to just about any career in any industry. A Farmer could be called a Producer…and so could a … [Read More...]