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jobs in digital media

Jobs in Digital Media: Prospects and Challenges

Digital media degrees are gaining in popularity among college students, mainly because of the wide-array of skills and career choices that this degree opens doors to. If your technical and creative skills don’t get you a job in a huge company, you can always find a mid-sized company or startup to help bring to success. Let’s rely on facts and statistics to see what jobs in … [Read More...]

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equal pay for equal work

Equal Pay For Equal Work? Not Here.

As we cruise along the boisterous highway of political rhetoric and stump speeches, topics emerge that pique our interest. Maybe you are intrigued by the Trump … [Read More...]

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tips for a job fair

Tips for Making the Most out of a Job Fair

Job fairs can seem like a cattle call, a herd of people shuffling through a crowded area hoping to gain the attention of the employers present. On the surface it … [Read More...]

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developing your professional network

The Type of People You Need In Your Professional Network

If you only surround yourself with people just like yourself, you're doing this all wrong. We explain in this short video: WIE who you surround yourself with Video Transcript for "The Type of People You Need in Your Professional … [Read More...]

job interview mistakes spelling errors

What Most Employers Want to See on Your Resume

In today’s extremely competitive job market, there are many applicants for the same jobs. You are not alone! Many hiring managers make a decision about an applicant in a matter of seconds, just by scanning your resume. In order to make it past the first … [Read More...]

jobs in sales radio sales jobs

Why Jobs in Sales Can Lead to Big Things

For some reason, jobs in sales always seem to illicit a bad reaction from people. Most young people don’t seem to be gravitating toward sales careers and yet, they often have the most upside in the entire entertainment industry. “Great sales people are … [Read More...]

standing out from the crowd job interview

Start Standing Out From The Rest Of The Job Seekers

Fallen into a rut? Feeling ordinary? Uninspired? Bored? Trust me, anyone interviewing you can sense the way you feel about yourself and that can override your skill set. For you next interview, make sure you add a little of this: WIE you need … [Read More...]

the art and science of entertainment business

Understanding the Art and Science of the Entertainment Business

According to an entertainment industry executive I interviewed recently, there is an art and a science to working in this business. He wants to hire people that understand what that means...so we asked, and he explained: WIE art and … [Read More...]