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Wondering How to Start a Music Career? Ashley Kyle Knows.

Sometimes a true passion doesn't present itself as a career path until later in life. We all suffer from an ingrained perception that a career is something stoic, impersonal and planned – while a passion is something you do solely on the weekends. Nothing could be further from the truth. For Ashley Kyle, Music Programming Manager for MTV World, her passion was always … [Read More...]

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Combining a Love of Music and Writing to Launch a Career

When the first question you ask an interview subject begins with a response that is frank and honest, you know you have the potential for something really great to … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Jobs Q&A: The Wrong Way to Apply for Jobs

Our Entertainment Jobs Q&A column is going video style again - this week we handle a question from Annabel who wants our opinion on a job application technique. … [Read More...]

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Essential Tips for Becoming a Radio Host

Becoming a radio host is a highly desired and competitive job, so how do you gain the experience you need to make it? Listen to this short video for a few insider tips on the skills you need to develop to be a radio host. WIE Radio host … [Read More...]

entertainment job search must delegate

How (and Why) You Should Delegate Tasks in Your Entertainment Job Search

No one has ever said "I love job searching!" or "Conducting a job search is fun!" It's time consuming, confusing, and frustrating. We believe you should take a systematic approach to job searching which helps streamline the process, make it repeatable and in … [Read More...]

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What Does the Future Hold for Broadcast Radio Jobs?

Radio jobs represent one of the most popular segments on WorkinEntertainment.com, but now seems like an appropriate time to ask and answer the question, "Is broadcast radio a dying medium, headed for a fate similar to newspapers?" Our Director of Content, … [Read More...]

how hiring managers see millenails

How to Bridge the Gap Between Hiring Managers and Millenials

Current hiring managers seem disillusioned with about 60% of the Millenials graduating from college and entering the workforce. If you have been struggling to find work, you need to listen to this video as we help bridge the gap between the vastly different … [Read More...]

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A Job Interview Tip to Help You Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Hiring managers weed through piles of resumes, conduct countless interviews and meet hundreds of candidates yearly - so how in the world do you stand out from the crowd of people shuffling through? Outside of your technical skills and wonderful personality … [Read More...]