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Why Knowledge of Fashion is Helpful in Film Production Careers

Celebrities are the people most people look up to for inspiration. They are the mentors for common people regarding their opinions, their personalities and for fashion. Little do many people know that all the styling and fashion that celebrities wear or endorse is based on the decisions of multiple people. Be they on the red carpet for any coveted award show or for … [Read More...]

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Four Myths About Entertainment Careers and Why You Should Ignore Them

The world of entertainment does not fit into the norms of other careers, because the path to success is far from linear. If you want to be an Accountant you are … [Read More...]

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Ways To Avoid Losing Your Mind While On Tour

This March, I’m going on my first full US tour. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this, but maybe I should be dreading sitting in a van with at … [Read More...]

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Five Necessary Qualities for Working in Entertainment

Working in entertainment, whether as a television actor, a musician, or radio personality requires a certain set of skills and qualities. Talent is often not enough. The entertainment industry is crowded, fickle, and can seem impossible to break into. … [Read More...]

5 Things Every Aspiring Video Producer Should Know

With YouTube, reality TV, and new self-made movie websites popping up all the time, there are more opportunities for amateur filmmakers than ever before. Even iconic storyteller Stephen King sells his short stories rights to film students through a program … [Read More...]

Three Skills You Should Learn to Break into the Entertainment Industry

People with skills get the jobs…but what skills exactly? Let’s handle the initial part of the statement first and answer why skills are what matter so much to employers. Businesses today expect you to hit the ground running and the best way to do that is … [Read More...]

Why HyperLocal is the Buzzword You Need to Know

There is a strategic error being made by TV and radio stations across the nation and unless it gets fixed, local broadcast providers could end up like newspapers, outdated and largely irrelevant. Failure of local broadcasters would be a tragic consequence, … [Read More...]

How To Create an Impressive Resume Even If You Have No Experience

By the time you start thinking about your resume my guess is that you have completed college and you are excited to find a job and begin your career. Moving out of your parents house is always a strong motivator for getting your job search in gear! Let's be … [Read More...]