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production assistant real life

The Real Life Adventures of a Production Assistant

This article is a guest contribution from the Anonymous Production Assistant. The Anonymous Production Assistant has been blogging for six years about life at the bottom of the Hollywood ladder. Currently, TAPA is running a Kickstarter campaign for her latest venture, Crew Call: The Below-the-Line Podcast, which if you like fun you will donate some of your spare change … [Read More...]

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social media for entertainers

5 Tips on Building Your Brand Right from the Start

This article is a guest submission from public relations specialist Savannah Marie Social media has become the driving force behind most (if not all) successful … [Read More...]

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job search mistakes

9 Common Job Search Mistakes That Will Immediately Disqualify You (#7 is a Doozy)

There are far more than nine pitfalls of job seeking but many of those fall into the dumb, or criminal, mistake category. These are common mistakes job seekers make … [Read More...]

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entry level music jobs

Five Entry Level Music Jobs With Huge Growth Potential

You have a love of music – it moves you, alters your perspective and motivates you. If you are like many other music lovers you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to make it your career - seems obvious to do something you love, right? And while the … [Read More...]

tv reporter jobs claudine caro

The Battle for TV Reporter Jobs: Claudinne Caro’s Journey

After four years of college, multiple internships, volunteer work and many late nights – you probably think to yourself, ‘I deserve a job, I have worked hard at this…why isn’t getting my foot in the door of the television industry easier?” No one could … [Read More...]

entertainment publisc relations jobs

The Skills Needed for Entertainment Public Relations Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from public relations specialist Savannah Marie More than ever before, people want to hear and be heard. From international affairs to what their neighbor is eating for lunch, people hunger for knowledge, and relish … [Read More...]

radio station internships

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Making the Most of Radio Station Internships

Every Friday we do a deep dive into an important question about entertainment jobs. It’s fun for us and we hope very informative for you. If you have a question you’d like us to help you out with, add it to the comments below or post it on our LinkedIn … [Read More...]

entry level employers

Video: What Are Entry Level Employers Looking For?

What are entry level employers looking for when they make hiring decisions? It's the great unknown...or is it? Brian Clapp, Director of Content for WorkinEntertainment.com just returned from an industry conference where a panel of human resources … [Read More...]