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Gap Year or Career Break: What Are Your Options For Working Abroad?

There comes the point for most of us, where we want to take some time out. It might be a gap year before starting University. It might be taking a sabbatical or career break, during your working life. It might be that there are some things that you have always wanted to do. You might simply want to ‘find yourself’ and take a break from the daily routine. Whatever the … [Read More...]

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Want a Job in Front of the Camera? You Have Two Choices…

There are thousands of people that dream of working in front of the camera as a TV anchor, reporter, meteorologist, sportscaster - you name it - but it can be tough … [Read More...]

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Starting a New Job? Here are Five Changes You Have to Make

Life is often about routines, a natural repetition of action that becomes your norm. In college, that routine may be showering every other day, going to class in … [Read More...]

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Why Bands Should Become Businesses

As someone who has been active in the music world for over a decade now both as a musician, as well as numerous other roles, I have heard a variety of perspectives on how musicians should approach the business side of things. While this isn’t exactly the … [Read More...]

Music and Its Affects on our Creativity, Social Interaction, and Intellect

Music has been around since the very dawn of time, existing in nature and later developing structure as humans found their way on planet Earth. It has provided us with great benefits, particularly in the emotions department. And whether you admit it or not, we … [Read More...]

Soft Skills Application in the Workplace: Paramount For Corporate Success

Let's start with a few definitions so we are all working from the same understanding. Skills are anything that you add to your work to create value, and they come in two forms, hard and soft. Hard skills are tangible things you can do, like edit video, … [Read More...]

A Master Plan for Balancing Your Personal Life and an Internship

This article is a guest contribution from social media specialist Scott Ragin Today, almost every intern has a hard time balancing the life that exists between working and having fun. Life coaches and psychologists suggest this struggle to balance life … [Read More...]

The Salary You Can Expect in a Music Career

The Berklee College of Music crafts a fascinating music salary guide breaking down the actual salary commanded by jobs in the music industry - in this short video we discuss not only what this means for many jobs, but what it means for you in the music … [Read More...]