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What Type of Schooling is Required for Jobs in Music?

This question is a tough one and the answer is often...well, it depends. In regards to finding jobs in the tight-knit, music arena, skill is what truly matters, and even though it's accurate that lots of people working in the music business don't possess college degrees–several industry careers do demand diplomas, including occupations at record labels. Always keep in mind … [Read More...]

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What Does it Mean to be an Account Executive?

Some job titles leave a little something to be desired, lacking description or even just a bit of clarity. For example: Controller. Controller of what? The … [Read More...]

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Video: What Are Employers Hiring Entry Level Staff Looking For?

What are employers looking for when they hire entry level staff? It's the great unknown...or is it? Brian Clapp, Director of Content for WorkinEntertainment.com … [Read More...]

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Meteorologist Forced to Cover Up on Air

There are a bevy of things that confuse and confound me as I repeatedly watch the video of KTLA meteorologist Liberte Chan being handed a cardigan to cover up a non-revealing dress while on air, but first lets run through the details. Mrs. Chan has worked … [Read More...]

How Writing Skills Can Impact Your Career Success

It’s no secret that writing is a handy skill. It’s one of the few skills that can be applied to every area of your life. But do you understand the full impact of your writing on your career success? In an era where most people are communicating in 140 … [Read More...]

Ready For Your Entertainment Job Search? Better Do This First

Nobody has ever said job searching is fun. It could be exciting, it could be important and it should be a learning experience…but I’ve never heard anyone say that it’s fun. And before you start imagining this blog post is about, ‘The secret to having fun … [Read More...]

Is This Really What Job Seekers Want? (Consider Me Surprised)

A recent study painted an interesting picture of what job seekers are looking for in their next role and I have to say, it really surprised me. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below: WIE what job seekers … [Read More...]

Entertainment Job in Focus: How to Become a Publicity Assistant

Imagine for a second it is your job to help promote a project you feel strongly about, or heck, even one you don't feel that strongly about. How does the idea of building hype sound to you? Of course, working in publicity means far more than just becoming a … [Read More...]