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tips for college graduates starting their first job

Starting a New Job? Here are Five Changes You Have to Make

Life is often about routines, a natural repetition of action that becomes your norm. In college, that routine may be showering every other day, going to class in shorts and flip flops, or always having your hair in a ponytail. These things, over your four years in advanced schooling, have become just as much a part of you as your morning bowl of Cheerios eaten since … [Read More...]

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video editing software learning to become a professional editor

Three Skills You Should Learn to Break into the Entertainment Industry

People with skills get the jobs…but what skills exactly? Let’s handle the initial part of the statement first and answer why skills are what matter so much to … [Read More...]

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television jobs

An Entry Level TV Job That Could Be Your Perfect Match

TV jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but so many of us only think of positions in front of the camera or as a Producer or Director. There is so much more to the … [Read More...]

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Lessons learned on the job not in the classroom

Lessons Learned on the Job, Not in the Classroom

College is the perfect transition between living under your parents’ roof and entering the real world. It teaches you responsibility, how to interact with peers and most importantly how to do your own laundry (damn you red sock!). But it's an extremely … [Read More...]

networking event follow up

Why Your Network Probably Stinks

Accumulating connections on LinkedIn, or friends on Facebook, is often done without purpose or intention – and that is a big mistake, and worse yet, a waste of your precious time. The race to a certain number of connections is a false goal because the … [Read More...]

shoot video like a professional

Nine Tips for Shooting Videos like a Professional

Versatility is the name of the game in today’s workplace. Employers today expect candidates to have a laundry list of hard skills that they can put to work, contributing value, immediately. Nowhere is that more true than in television where the more skills … [Read More...]

job interview tip

Tips for Negotiating on Your own Behalf

Not every job provides you the opportunity to negotiate, sometimes for entry level jobs it’s in your best interest just to get your foot in the door, but after that first gig is in the books it’s time to make a case for something more than what is being … [Read More...]

vague job descriptions

Vague Job Titles That Could Be The Entry Point You Need

If you are looking for jobs in the entertainment industry and you see a posting for a Sales Associate, there is a pretty good chance you know the basic requirements of this job without much research. A Sales Associate will be helping to sell some product. … [Read More...]