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Ten Things You Need to Know Before Working in Entertainment

Working in entertainment is unlike anything you have experienced before. You need ruthless determination to keep up with this fast-paced work environment and you need to be ready to face the personal challenges that come with the job. Remember that the rewards in the entertainment business are just as high as the demands, which makes your efforts worthwhile. To put … [Read More...]

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Production Managers: The Unsung Heroes Of The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has diverse job needs, as many people are needed to make up a production. Many people hail the stars of the show. Directors often get a … [Read More...]

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Take Center Stage: Amazing Advice To Help Get Your Singing Career Off The Ground

This article is a guest contribution from freelance writer Alicia Baker Singing is one of the most creative and beautiful art forms in the world. So many young … [Read More...]

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Video: The Key to Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for success in the entertainment industry, sometimes it takes more than just tangible skills. This short video from WorkinEntertainment.com Director of Content Brian Clapp will explain: WIE successful … [Read More...]

Why Everyone Should Watch Local TV News

When Howard Stern first started to make a name for himself in radio, people said they listened primarily because they had no idea what was going to happen next. In a world where everything seemed obvious and predictable, Howard Stern brought out the … [Read More...]

Throwing Your Own Concert in Seven Steps

Spend any time in a city and you'll notice there are major events going on all the time. Random Tuesdays have great live music acts all around town, Saturdays in the spring you can expect music festivals and outdoor concert series. And Fridays? Don't get me … [Read More...]

Starting a Radio Career: Advice from Radio Veteran Shellie Hart

Seattle radio host Shellie Hart started out with a plan to be a TV news broadcaster, but the exploding music scene in the late 80’s changed all of that, “Early Hip-Hop/Rap, New Wave, Punk, and the Seattle rock scene (later to be known as grunge) were all … [Read More...]

Most Popular Entertainment Jobs of the Week – 2nd edition

There have been stories that have impacted the entertainment world this week, a certain election comes to mind, but we're going to focus on something slightly less political - Leonard Cohen. Haven't heard of him? Over five plus decades he has been one of … [Read More...]