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networking event follow up

The Most Annoying Career Advice Cliche and Why You Need to Ignore it

The career advice industry is wrought with cliches and recycled opinions, some of which drive our Director of Content Brian Clapp crazy! In this short video Brian tries to explain why one over-used myth is nothing more than an festering excuse for many people and should be banned from everyone's repertoire. If you have any subjects you'd like us to cover in an upcoming video … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs to get a masters or not

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Should I Accept a Job Offer or Get my Masters?

We all have a friend who is a perpetual student, forgoing the job market for yet another piece of paper that says in fancy writing, "you are good enough, you're … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs tv reporter

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Career Paths in the Television Industry

We've had a flood of questions coming in for our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A and since I really enjoy writing this column we're going to double up this week. … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs do I have to relocate

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Do I Really Need to Relocate?

As someone who has moved four times in the last year, I can understand why people are reticent to relocate. The packing, the finding a new home, the cable guy, the forwarded mail, updating credit cards - it's annoying and moving once is enough to say … [Read More...]

entertainment careers outside hollywood

Film Industry Jobs: A Shift From Hollywood to the South

California has always been a hopeful place for career success. It was famous during the gold rush of the 19th century, and until just recently Hollywood enticed aspiring actors with its enormous productions that they could only dream of joining. While … [Read More...]

production coordinator jobs

What to Expect from Production Coordinator Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields who broke into the television industry as a Production Coordinator and now has advanced in her career to a much fancier Associate Producer role.  As a pre-teen, I was terrified to be caught off … [Read More...]

entertainment jobs relocation

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Is Jumping Jobs Normal?

An accounting major graduates from college and can find job opportunities in most any city or town of any size. Same for a teacher, a dentist or a computer programmer. That's not to say it's easy to find work in these careers, it's just that they are more … [Read More...]

eating healthy on a film set

Staying Healthy on Set – It’s a Bigger Deal Than You Think

Written by Devin Klos, a production lifer and founder of IWorkinProduction.com Ask someone to describe a crew member on a film or TV set and you typically get the same few words: dark clothes, looks tired and generally out of shape. Hey, we work long hours … [Read More...]