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Music and Its Affects on our Creativity, Social Interaction, and Intellect

Music has been around since the very dawn of time, existing in nature and later developing structure as humans found their way on planet Earth. It has provided us with great benefits, particularly in the emotions department. And whether you admit it or not, we all have songs for almost every event of our lives. I, admittedly, can create an album for every emotional episode I … [Read More...]

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Soft Skills Application in the Workplace: Paramount For Corporate Success

Let's start with a few definitions so we are all working from the same understanding. Skills are anything that you add to your work to create value, and they come … [Read More...]

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A Master Plan for Balancing Your Personal Life and an Internship

This article is a guest contribution from social media specialist Scott Ragin Today, almost every intern has a hard time balancing the life that exists … [Read More...]

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The Salary You Can Expect in a Music Career

The Berklee College of Music crafts a fascinating music salary guide breaking down the actual salary commanded by jobs in the music industry - in this short video we discuss not only what this means for many jobs, but what it means for you in the music … [Read More...]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Should I Accept a Job Offer or Get my Masters?

We all have a friend who is a perpetual student, forgoing the job market for yet another piece of paper that says in fancy writing, "you are good enough, you're smart enough and people like you". OK, most Masters degrees don't actually say that and I'm not … [Read More...]

Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Career Paths in the Television Industry

We've had a flood of questions coming in for our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A and I really enjoy writing this column so please keep sending your questions in. The most vocal part of our audience lately has been early college students looking for career … [Read More...]

A Few Big Reasons To Optimize Your Resume If You Want To Get A Job

Most of us find the process of resume writing baffling and intimidating. Clearly, resume writing is an uninteresting task unless you are getting paid to write. Even worse, most employers don’t even bother to take a vivid look at your resume as they think it … [Read More...]

What to Expect from Production Coordinator Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields who broke into the television industry as a Production Coordinator and now has advanced in her career to a much fancier Associate Producer role.  As a pre-teen, I was terrified to be caught off … [Read More...]