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What to Expect from Production Coordinator Jobs

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields who broke into the television industry as a Production Coordinator and now has advanced in her career to a much fancier Associate Producer role.  As a pre-teen, I was terrified to be caught off guard during a conversation. Ever the girl obsessed with appearing cool and not the klutzy, flustered hot mess I … [Read More...]

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The Career Dos And Don’ts of Incredibly Successful Artists

You may be thinking that the reason most successful artists got where they are now simply because they were talented, and extremely lucky. Well, it’s probably … [Read More...]

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Five Things I Really Wish I Knew in College (#4 is my Favorite)

This article is a guest contribution from Allie Shields, veteran Associate Producer and Production Coordinator for a variety of television productions and … [Read More...]

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Staying Healthy on Set – It’s a Bigger Deal Than You Think

Written by Devin Klos, a production lifer and founder of IWorkinProduction.com Ask someone to describe a crew member on a film or TV set and you typically get the same few words: dark clothes, looks tired and generally out of shape. Hey, we work long hours … [Read More...]

How to Effectively Make a Facebook Event for a Concert

This article is a guest contribution from Zachary Evans of the band We Are Apes. I'd love to tell you how great they are, but Zachary still hasn't sent me a demo...I'm waiting... Whether you are an organizer or a musician, if you are promoting a show … [Read More...]

Australian Local TV News Even Worse Than US

A month or so ago we shared a video of KTLA weather person Liberte Chan being handed a shawl to cover up on air because her outfit was "too revealing" according to emailers into the station. We, or I should say I, railed against this made for TV moment as … [Read More...]

Wondering How to Start a Music Career? Ashley Kyle Knows.

Sometimes a true passion doesn't present itself as a career path until later in life. We all suffer from an ingrained perception that a career is something stoic, impersonal and planned – while a passion is something you do solely on the weekends. Nothing … [Read More...]

An Entry Level TV Job That Could Be Your Perfect Match

TV jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but so many of us only think of positions in front of the camera or as a Producer or Director. There is so much more to the industry and that is why we are going to start introducing you to some of the less heralded jobs … [Read More...]