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How to become a Tv Producer

How to Become a TV Producer. Wait, What Does That Actually Mean?

One of the most overused and misunderstood words in the Television business is the term Producer. It’s such a vague word which taken at face value could apply to just about any career in any industry. A Farmer could be called a Producer…and so could a Chemist, a Fashion Designer or a Parent. But a TV Producer, that sounds cool and powerful even if the job title doesn't … [Read More...]

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We may never know why tragic school shootings happen, but we can do something about it

Does Our Lust For Information Have Consequences?

In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, the 22nd deadly incident since 1999, there are questions that need to be answered, namely, how much of a role do … [Read More...]

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entertainment careers playing guitar

Ten Factors That Will Lead to Success in Entertainment Careers

The question comes weekly, “I want to work in entertainment, but I don’t really know how, or what I want to do. Can you help?” The person asking this question … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs Q&a promotions assistant

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: What Does a Promotions Assistant Do?

I don’t know about you but to me some of these job descriptions make the roles seem more confusing than they really are. For instance, calling someone a petroleum transport engineer instead of a gas station attendant, is confusing. Now that's not the type … [Read More...]

job interview mistakes

Job Interview Mistakes That Could Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 4

We've been tackling a 5-part series covering some of the most common job interview mistakes people are making that are preventing them from getting the opportunity they have been waiting for. This is part 4 of 5 and trust me you want to listen and … [Read More...]

job interview mistakes spelling errors

Job Interview Mistakes That Could Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 3

We interviewed a handful of hiring managers for entertainment jobs and asked, "what are some of your biggest pet peeves in the interview process?" amazingly the answers were almost all the same. We decided to create a 5-part series highlighting the errors that … [Read More...]

sports radio stations are growing

Finding a Career in the Fastest Growing Segment of the Radio Industry

The radio industry has come under great scrutiny lately.  Is it a dying medium, akin to newspapers? Are radio advertisers still investing in the business? Will online and personal entertainment systems signal the end of broadcast radio as we know … [Read More...]

music coordinator jobs

Entertainment Job Profile: Music Coordinator

One of our main goals on the Work in Entertainment blog is to introduce you to careers that could be your perfect match - this week we're going to discuss the role of Music Coordinator. WIE Music Coordinator Click here to find all of our job … [Read More...]