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vague job descriptions

Vague Job Titles That Could Be The Entry Point You Need

If you are looking for jobs in the entertainment industry and you see a posting for a Sales Associate there is a pretty good chance you know the basics requirement of this job without much research. A Sales Associate will be helping to sell some product. Tah-dah! Of course there are variations based on what they are selling and the exact responsibilities of the role, but … [Read More...]

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media sales jobs

Launching a Career in Media Sales

There is a theory out there that everyone, at some point of their career, should work in sales. The reasons are simple, according to Jeff Haden of CBS MoneyWatch; … [Read More...]

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The Traits Leaders Exhibit and How to Make Them Yours

Leadership may be the most overused word in the job seeking cycle. Recruiters, hiring managers and interviewees beat the word to death without really knowing it's … [Read More...]

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writing down goals

A Simple Step That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Entertainment Career

The data behind writing down your goals is staggering, it makes a huge difference. We show you how to use this simple step to make you a more valuable, marketable job candidate: WIE goals Video Transcript for " A Simple Step that Can Make a … [Read More...]

skype interview how to nail a job interview on skype

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Skype Job Interview

There is something awkward about a phone interview. The uncomfortable pauses where you wonder, did I say something wrong or are they just taking a drink of water? The indecisive moments, questioning whether it’s your turn to talk, then when you do go for … [Read More...]

entertainment jobs internships

Why Internships are the Key to Success in Entertainment Jobs

Ready to have your mind blown? Almost half of employed U.S. college graduates are currently working jobs that require less than a four-year education. Matter of fact, 37% are working jobs that require no more than a high school diploma. Considering the … [Read More...]

jobs in sales radio sales jobs

The Most Logical Entry Point For Your Entertainment Career

Sales careers get a bad rap - but if I told you that 53% of the jobs in the entertainment industry require sales skills, would you consider it? Here are other reasons you need to think about sales as your entry point to the entertainment industry: WIE … [Read More...]

hiring managers entrepreneurial spirit

The Trait Hiring Managers Have Trouble Finding, But Want Badly

We talk incessantly about the tangible skills you need to develop in order to get hired in the entertainment industry, but there is an intangible trait that is highly valued in today's job market - find out more in this short video: WIE … [Read More...]