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local tv reporter pet peeve

A Huge Pet Peeve Regarding Local TV Reporters (And a Good Laugh)

Reporters, by their very definition, are supposed to relay information, tell stories and report facts - not make themselves the story. Many local TV reporters never seemed to learn that in journalism school and instead always try to thrust themselves, and their pearly white teeth, into the forefront of each feature. While it may make me cringe from a journalistic … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs internships

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: What Should I Do After Multiple Internships?

The importance of internships can't be overstated, which explains why we have written so many articles on their value. But when is enough enough? And what should you … [Read More...]

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entertainment jobs tv reporter

Why HyperLocal is the Buzzword You Need to Know

There is a strategic error being made by TV and Radio station across the nation and unless it gets fixed, local broadcast providers could end up like newspapers, … [Read More...]

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rules of music festivals

7 Simple Rules: The Do’s And Don’ts of Music Festivals

This article is a guest submission from career event's organizer Jenny Richards Don’t get it twisted…we are not trying to cramp your style by presenting the rules of having fun. Musical events are great. You are supposed to enjoy yourself and make memories … [Read More...]

working in media sales, careers in sales, sales careers, breaking into sales

Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Are Media Sales Careers the Way to Break in?

There are many great questions coming in from our audience all looking for advice on finding the right entertainment jobs, and we promise to answer every single one of them. This week’s question from Nathan in Pennsylvania follows a similar theme to many we … [Read More...]

entertainment jobs radio career promotions assistant

Entertainment Jobs in Focus: Promotions Assistant

In general everyday life, we all talk about the difference between “wants” and “needs” - a second iPad may be a want, while food on the table is clearly a need. The same applies in the business world. As a manager there are positions you want to have on … [Read More...]

television jobs

Three Entry Level Television Jobs with Real Growth Potential

If a lifestyle comprised of long, weird hours, urgency around every corner and being song poisoned by the ringing melody of breaking news is appealing to you, a life in Television could be the journey you are seeking. Probably not the ringing endorsement … [Read More...]

networking for your job search

Steps to Prepare for Your Job Search – Part 5

Stimulating your network is an important part of your job search, but how you do it is even more important. Find out the way to do it right in the final video of our five-part series on steps you should take to prepare for your job search (see part 1, part 2, … [Read More...]