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small market radio jobs

The Skills You Need To Focus On For Radio Jobs

Over their 28 years the executive team at Saga Communications believes they have found the sweet spot in the radio industry, focusing on owning and operating radio stations in small to medium size markets. Forget Charlotte, think Asheville. Ignore Boston, acquire Springfield. The strategy makes sense; in large markets the competition for consumer attention is intense, … [Read More...]

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internships what else

So You’ve Done an Internship…What Else You Got?

Doing internships while in college is expected, to get hired you need to take additional steps, like the ideas we present in this short video: WIE Internships … [Read More...]

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how to start a career in acting

How to Start a Career in Acting & Modeling

This article is a guest submission from writer Kelly Brooke So, you want to be an actor or a model. You think you have the looks, the presence and the … [Read More...]

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job search tips

Frustrated by your Job Search? Time for a Self-Audit

Frustrated by your job search? Join the club. It seems despite the fact our national unemployment numbers are getting lower, many people are still struggling to get jobs in the field they really want. If you are part of this crowd, time to do a self-audit - … [Read More...]

production assistant jobs television jobs

TV Production Assistant Jobs: How to Get Them and What to Expect

Anyone that wants to work in television should go back and watch The Newsroom on HBO. I originally resisted, fearful I’d be annoyed by some over-scripted and over-dramatized representation of my adult life. Season one came and went, despite pleading from … [Read More...]

radio journalist linda thomas kiro radio

Becoming a Radio Journalist: Advice from ‘The News Chick’ Linda Thomas

One of the hardest decisions we make in life is determining who we want to be when we grow up. Considering the average American worker holds just under 11 different jobs between the ages of 18-42, most everyone is burdened by some level of hesitance in … [Read More...]

tips for college graduates starting their first job

Starting a New Job? Here are Five Changes You Have to Make

Life is often about routines, a natural repetition of action that becomes your norm. In college, that routine may be showering every other day, going to class in shorts and flip flops, or always having your hair in a ponytail. These things, over your four … [Read More...]

video editing software learning to become a professional editor

Three Skills You Should Learn to Break into the Entertainment Industry

People with skills get the jobs…but what skills exactly? Let’s handle the initial part of the statement first and answer why skills are what matter so much to employers. Businesses today expect you to hit the ground running and the best way to do that is … [Read More...]