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What Does the Future Hold for Broadcast Radio Jobs?

Radio jobs represent one of the most popular segments on WorkinEntertainment.com, but now seems like an appropriate time to ask and answer the question, "Is broadcast radio a dying medium, headed for a fate similar to newspapers?" Our Director of Content, Brian Clapp, investigates in this short video: WIE is broadcast radio dying.MTS Video Transcript for "What … [Read More...]

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Hiring Managers and Millenials

Current hiring managers seem disillusioned with about 60% of the Millenials graduating from college and entering the workforce. If you have been struggling to … [Read More...]

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A Job Interview Tip to Help You Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Hiring managers weed through piles of resumes, conduct countless interviews and meet hundreds of candidates yearly - so how in the world do you stand out from the … [Read More...]

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The Most Annoying Career Advice Cliche and Why You Need to Ignore it

The career advice industry is wrought with cliches and recycled opinions, some of which drive our Director of Content Brian Clapp crazy! In this short video Brian tries to explain why one over-used myth is nothing more than an festering excuse for many people … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Should I Accept a Job Offer or Get my Masters?

We all have a friend who is a perpetual student, forgoing the job market for yet another piece of paper that says in fancy writing, "you are good enough, you're smart enough and people like you". OK, most Masters degrees don't actually say that and I'm not … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Jobs Q&A – Career Paths in the Television Industry

We've had a flood of questions coming in for our weekly Entertainment Jobs Q&A and since I really enjoy writing this column we're going to double up this week. The most vocal part of our audience lately has been early college students looking for career … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Jobs Q&A: Do I Really Need to Relocate?

As someone who has moved four times in the last year, I can understand why people are reticent to relocate. The packing, the finding a new home, the cable guy, the forwarded mail, updating credit cards - it's annoying and moving once is enough to say … [Read More...]

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Film Industry Jobs: A Shift From Hollywood to the South

California has always been a hopeful place for career success. It was famous during the gold rush of the 19th century, and until just recently Hollywood enticed aspiring actors with its enormous productions that they could only dream of joining. While … [Read More...]