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Job Interview Mistakes That Could Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 3

We interviewed a handful of hiring managers for entertainment jobs and asked, "what are some of your biggest pet peeves in the interview process?" amazingly the answers were almost all the same. We decided to create a 5-part series highlighting the errors that really frustrate hiring managers.Here are part 1 and part 2 if you missed them! WIE job interview mistakes … [Read More...]

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Finding a Career in the Fastest Growing Segment of the Radio Industry

The radio industry has come under great scrutiny lately.  Is it a dying medium, akin to newspapers? Are radio advertisers still investing in the business? Will … [Read More...]

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Entertainment Job Profile: Music Coordinator

One of our main goals on the Work in Entertainment blog is to introduce you to careers that could be your perfect match - this week we're going to discuss the role … [Read More...]

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Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances – Part 2

In part 2 of our Job Interview Mistakes series we're discussing cover letters and how people are messing up this seemingly easy task: cover letter fail.MTS Video Transcript: "Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances - Part 2" Brian … [Read More...]

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An Entry Level TV Job That Could Be Your Perfect Match

TV jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but so many of us only think of positions in front of the camera or as a Producer or Director. There is so much more to the industry and that is why we are going to start introducing you to some of the less heralded jobs … [Read More...]

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Three Ways to Stay Above the Competition in Stunt Careers

This article is a guest contribution from public relations specialist Savannah Marie, who also happens to run the wonderfully informative blog Mixios.com Wouldn’t you love to be the person who jumps out of buildings or does a 360 in a high-speed car? … [Read More...]

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Job Interview Mistakes That Will Really Hurt Your Chances Part 1

Sometimes you set up an interview and after it's done you sit back and think - wow, that was a gold mine of information. That recently happened to me when I interviewed a Director of Sales for an entertainment company. I asked them their biggest pet peeves … [Read More...]

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The Salary You Can Expect in a Music Career

The Berklee College of Music crafts a fascinating music salary guide breaking down the actual salary commanded by jobs in the music industry - in this short video we discuss not only what this means for many jobs, but what it means for you in the music … [Read More...]