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By now you probably realize that we are a niche job board site, so you’re most likely expecting our "about us" page to be some boring introduction of how you’ll find the best jobs in the entertainment industry right here. Yawn.

Or maybe you’re expecting some whimsical story of how we started this business over a couple of beers with just a dream and five nickels between us. Which would be a lie.

Possibly you’re anticipating a techie approach where we brag about our algorithm while dropping big business terms on you. That would be pretty lame.

The truth is simple – we are the combined forces of leaders in the job board industry and veterans of the entertainment world, who in one phone conversation realized there was an opportunity to work together to serve you better.

We understand that the entertainment industry is incredibly fragmented and you can spend all day looking at hundreds of sites in search of your dream position. We know this because we've done it. We've been there, we are you.

Why spend your entire day searching hundreds of scattered sites, when you can sign up now and start applying for jobs that suit you in just minutes.

A membership with is your connection to thousands of employers in TV, Radio, Film, Music, Theater and more. All in one spot, customized to your wants and needs.

Like I said, the truth is simple.

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