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become a successful musician

You may be thinking that the reason most successful artists got where they are now simply because they were talented, and extremely lucky. Well, itís ... Read More
music promotion on facebook events

This article is a guest contribution from Zachary Evans of the band We Are Apes. I’d love to tell you how great they are, but Zachary still hasn... Read More
Tony Jones Tries to Kiss Rebecca judd on air

A month or so ago we shared a video of KTLA weather person Liberte Chan being handed a shawl to cover up on air because her outfit was “too reve... Read More
break into the entertainment industry

You probably think that working in the entertainment industry is highly rewarding, with the glitz, glamour, money and influence it can give you. Yes, ... Read More
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Video Assistant - Stage - Digital - AEG

Sales Account Executive - TV - Digital - Sinclair Broadcast Group

Associate Producer - TV - Digital - News 12

Assignment Editor - TV - Radio - Fox News Channel

Event Coordinator - Stage - Feld Entertainment

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